For in many things we offend all. If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body”. James 3:2

Your tongue can be a building block for your home and it can also be a tool in the hands of the devil. You must use your mouth wisely. If your tongue is not under control, your life is in total and serious danger. THINGS YOU MUST NEVER SAY TO YOUR HUSBAND – Part 1

In this chapter; I will be sharing with you things you must never say to your husband, if you want peace to reign in your home. They are:

  1. “I regret marrying you”. No matter how annoyed you are, never say this. It is very wrong. When a man knows that you regret marrying him, he will withdraw totally from you and may embrace another woman that appreciates him better. THINGS YOU MUST NEVER SAY TO YOUR HUSBAND – Part 1
  2. “Your friend is better than you”. This will not only make him to suspect that you are going out with his friend but that you also love and appreciate his friend more than him, please don’t say it. THINGS YOU MUST NEVER SAY TO YOUR HUSBAND – Part 1
  3. “Our neighbor is better than you”. When you compare your man to your neighbor, you want to start a “gulf war” in your domain. He is likely going to develop a dislike for the neighbor and cause disharmony between them. Men generally hate being compared (except if you are saying they are better) it bruises their ego. Please never compare your husband with anybody. THINGS YOU MUST NEVER SAY TO YOUR HUSBAND – Part 1
  4. “My former boyfriend is better in bed than you”. Every man hates to hear his wife once had a boyfriend and then had sex with somebody before marriage. Comparing him to this so-called boyfriend will further infuriate him.
  5. “You cannot control me; I have my life to live”. You cannot say this and have peace at home. Your man has the right to control, instruct, direct, correct and even rebuke you. If you must enjoy your marriage, do not struggle with the fact that you are your husband’s subordinate; he owns you and has a God-given right to control you. Ephesian 5:22
  6. “Don’t you see the way that man is treating his wife? Can’t you learn from that? The man you are talking about may be treating his wife better than your husband is treating you, but I am very sure his wife is not talking to him the way you are talking to your husband. Be wise and talk like a wise woman. Motivate your man to noble needs with your tongue.
  7. “I hate you”. Saying this is like nailing the coffin of your marriage. Your man is not likely to see anything good in you again after the statement. Even if you do not love your husband at all, never tell him you hate him.
  8. “I will pack out of your house”. Women who make this kind of statement are foolish and immature. They are feeding bottle adults. If you are wise, you will know that your man’s house is yours. You have no other place to go. Threatening to go out of your matrimonial home shows how shallow indeed you are. Never threaten to leave your matrimonial home.
  9. “You are good for nothing”. If your head (i.e husband) is good for nothing then you are saying. “I am good for nothing.” Wise women don’t abuse their husbands, foolish ones do. They can’t hold their tongue.THINGS YOU MUST NEVER SAY TO YOUR HUSBAND – Part 1
  10. “I dare you to marry another woman”. Do not say something you are going to regret later. Never put your home on sale by using your mouth carelessly.
  11. I am staying because of the children”. Your children were not there when you married your husband. So never say you are there because of them. If you truly love your children, demonstrate it by loving their father and by speaking wisely to him.
  12. “You are a bad and worthless husband”. It will not do you any good abusing your husband for any reason. No matter how annoyed you are, never abuse your man. Be wise.
  13. “I curse the day I met you”. You will not be helping yourself by saying this. Do yourself a favour; bless the day you met him and pray for him. He will surely change for better.
  14. “I curse the day I married you”. You are just adding salt to the injury of your marriage by saying this. Say something positively to your man and “force” him to change for good.
  15. “Beat me if you are a man”. He will surely beat you and turn you to a punching bag. Never dare a man to beat you; He may not fail to give you the beating of your life.
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