Four Men In Marriage



-Bisi Adewale

Four Men In Marriage

Four Men In Marriage-There are four different men in marriage which everywoman should know in order to know the kinds of husband they married.

These four men in marriage are:


Positive side: pleasant, friendly, cheerful, good, jovial, loving, open and lovable.

Negative side: talkative, talks before he thinks, over statement, can exaggerate, finds it difficult to keep secret, abusive, can also fail easily.


Positive side: Hardworking, not emotional, dynamic , bold, frank, open, fearless, full of action, great achiever, goal-getter, focused, strong and fast.

Negative side: can be proud, too hard, finds it difficult to listen to advise, always wants his opinion to be respected, not always caring, can be wild, can talk to people without considering how they feel.


Positive side: Easy, dynamic, deep thinker, good follower, not talking too much, careful, loving, analytical, peaceful, detailed, thorough, careful.

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Negative side: Fearful, procrastinates always, keeping malice, does find it difficult to forgive, loses opportunity as a result of being too slow to take action, can harbor bitterness and resentment, may not tell you offend him but will write it in his diary and refuse to have anything to do with you, sad and can also be stubborn.


Positive side: neat, hardly make mistake, detailed, calculative, obeys traffic rule when driving, peace- loving, talks less.

Negative side: Don’t like people around them to make mistake, difficult to please, hardly change, rigid and stubborn.

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