12 Things Your Wife Is To You Pt 2


12 Things Your Wife Is To You Pt 2
Bisi Adewale

Whatever Adam call eve that is what she is, so whatever name you call your wife that is what she will become. Stated below are what your wife ought to be to you

1. Soul-Mate: Your wife is not just a friend; she is your soul mate. Don’t just join your hand with her, give her your mind, do not hide anything from her. Rejoice with this beautiful queen that is your wife.
2. Sex Partner: Your wife is your sex partner; don’t be ashamed of making love with her. Strip naked, enjoy yourself, make sure she enjoys it too. Don’t be selfish, look at her face, and check whether she enjoys it. Ask her, make sure you give her the best, let her call for more, never go to bed with any other lady, it is a sin.
3. Your Queen: Treat your wife like a queen which she is; if you do, she will treat you as a king. If you are a king, treat her with respect, talk to her with honour, let marriage be honorable.
4. Your First Lady: Your wife should be your first lady, the number one woman in your life. Never allow any other woman, your mother, sisters, house-maid, secretary; colleagues, etc take her position in your life.
5. Mother: Let your wife take the position of your mother in your life, transfer your mother’s love to her, it will be foolish of you to still be confiding in your mother at your age, don’t be foolish confide in your wife.
6. Your Student. Teach your wife what you want her to do. Don’t be annoyed with her; let her keep on learning from you, you are her number one teacher.
6. A Co-Pilgrim. You and your wife are co-pilgrim here on earth. Live as a pilgrim. Always bear in mind that you will give account to the one that sent you here how you handled that woman committed into your hands.

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