10 Decision Making Methods That Will Help You Avoid Mistakes

Family Lifeline With Bisi Adewale (episode 65 ) MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION ON TIME
Family Lifeline With Bisi Adewale (episode 65 ) MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION ON TIME

10 Decision Making Methods That Will Help You Avoid Mistakes

Each and every day, all of us are faced with decisions to make. Whether we’re deciding if it’s a good idea to send a follow-up text to a guy who hasn’t answered or not, or whether we’re deciding if we should go change careers or not, life is basically made or broken according to the decisions we make on a micro level.10 Decision Making Methods That Will Help You Avoid Mistakes

Making decisions is not easy. Some people in this world are master decision makers who are masters of their own destiny, while others have perpetual “blonde” moments, and end up complaining that their life is just one big mistake after another. 10 Decision Making Methods That Will Help You Avoid Mistakes

If you’re feeling low right now, it’s good to know that important decisions about our careers, friends and lives can be made better if we know the secrets being making decisions. To help you out, here are 10 decision making methods that will help you to avoid mistake.

Take More Time

Ever made a decision on the spur of the moment? I know I sure have. I’ve always been an impulsive person, and even if I was feeling emotionally charge at the time, I’d still go right ahead and make a big decision. 10 Decision Making Methods That Will Help You Avoid Mistakes

Making decisions during such moments always ends with regret. Instead, it’s a good idea to remove yourself from a situation and take some time before reaching an answer. 10 Decision Making Methods That Will Help You Avoid Mistakes

If someone is pressing you, just tell them to give you some space. Making decisions in the heat of the moment usually means we don’t make the right choice.

Ask For Advice


You’ve got friends and family, right? They all love, right? They’re all pretty knowledgeable about different things, right? Then ask ‘em for advice, silly! 10 Decision Making Methods That Will Help You Avoid Mistakes

Way too often we’re too proud and confident of our decision making process that we don’t ask for advice from friends and family who are experts at something. So what happens is that we make an ill-judged decision based on weak information.

If unsure, ask for advice.

Find Peace

Good decisions are rarely made under stressful, chaotic situations.  Instead, they are made in times of peace when you are able to think clearly, coherently and rationally.

For this reason, it’s an important that you remove yourself from loud, busy and stressful situations whenever you’ve got a decision to make. Take a few deep breaths and go and find somewhere quiet and tranquil.

Even if finding somewhere is going to cost you some time, it’s essential that you do it.

Look At Your Past

You’ve made mistakes before, and it’s a good chance that a dilemma you’re facing right now is similar to one you’ve faced in the past. If so, it’s a good idea to look at your past to help you make a better decision this time around.

For example, I used to have a bad habit of texting boys I liked too much. If they didn’t answer for a while, I’d send follow-up texts to the extent that I came across as needy. It wasn’t cool and they always blew me off.

It took a while but eventually I learned now to be like this. The next time a guy didn’t respond to my texts for a while, I basically left it and waited him out. Eventually, he replied and things were cool.


Consider Priorities

I used to be a Yes person that couldn’t say No to anyone. I didn’t have my priorities straight, and decided that I could take on any work that was offered to me.

How wrong I was. I fell behind with everything and disappointed everyone.

Making decisions that distract you from the things that truly matter will continue to happen if you don’t know what your priorities are. For this reason, it’s a smart idea that you write down a list of your priorities. If something is going to come along that isn’t as important, you can then easily turn it down.

Do What Is Right For You

Each time you make a decision, do you always do it with your own best interests at heart? Or are you something of a “pushover” who considers other people first?

When I was a Yes person, I rarely put myself and my interests first. Instead, I was always thinking about other people. And this helped me to make some really bad decisions.

When making a decision, always ask yourself whether or not this is the right thing to do for YOU. How will it effect you? Just because it’s going to make a friend happy doesn’t mean it’s going to enhance your own life. And sometimes you have to look after number one.

Think Outside The Box

Stop associating yourself only with information that corresponds with your beliefs. Get out of your comfort zone and expose yourself to contrary views and opinions. It will work wonders for your decision making process.

Sleep On It

Sometimes, you’re so gosh darn excited that you have to make a decision right here, right now. You can’t wait until the morning, you just can’t!

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I know it’s difficult, but it’s important that you always sleep first before making a decision. When faced with an exciting dilemma, it’s super easy to get carried away because your hormones are turbocharged. But you’re not in a rational frame of mind. Sleeping will give you a new perceptive on things.

It’s Not All Or Nothing

Some of us have an All or Nothing personality, which means that we consider the extremes of anything. If we’re going to date, we’re going to fall in love instantly and ask someone to marry us after a month. If we’re going to change careers, we’re going to do it only if we can land the very best job in town.

Very often, such a victory or death attitude leaves to decisions that you eventually regret. You thought you wanted the zenith but now that you’ve got it, you want another zenith.

Remember the middle ground. Take a look at it. You might find something you like there.

Remember Your Values

When we’re drunk, our values sometimes go out of the window. We do and say things that are out of character, and wake up the next morning with twinges of regret.

“Did I really do that?”

But sometimes we neglect our values even when we’re sober, and make decisions that go against everything we stand for. Not only do they cause us regret and guilt in the short term, but can also cost us everything in the long-term.

Before committing to something, always think about your values and ask whether doing something is out of character. If there is even a remote chance that it is, it means you need to seriously reconsider.

Stay happy!