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By Bisi Oludare

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Ten Ways To Improve Financial Intimacy In Marriage

Little thing matters to everyone, so also it is when it comes to marriage. Little act could mean the world to a woman when it comes to gifts. Every woman want something Specially thought out for her from her husband, it must not necessarily be expensive but thoughtful. If especially, you are married to a woman that Receiving Gift is her primary or secondary love language; then, pampering her with gifts every now and then can increase her love for you.
Here are 15 things you can give your woman;

1. Shoes and bags – every lady no matter how many they have already, can never be tired of having more. 15 THINGS TO GIVE YOUR WIFE 15 THINGS TO GIVE YOUR WIFE

2. Take her out on a dinner date, it doesn’t have to be a first class place but a serene environment. 15 THINGS TO GIVE YOUR WIFE 15 THINGS TO GIVE YOUR WIFE

3. Give her your attention – whenever she’s discussing with you, pay attention. Listen, put aside any form of distraction like dropping your phone, switching off the television etc


4. Respect her – like that saying respect is reciprocal, honour your wife by respecting her both in secret and in public

5. Cook for her – it doesn’t have to be your wife doing the cooking every time. Enter the kitchen too and make her something special, serve her breakfast in bed and just allow her to relax. 15 THINGS TO GIVE YOUR WIFE 15 THINGS TO GIVE YOUR WIFE

6. Cloth and Perfume – surprise her with a nice dress and perfume with a good Cologne.

7. Take her out on a dinner date – this is an avenue to have an alone time together. Just the two of you

8. Give her artwork – trust me nothing can be as romantic as getting her a nice Portrait of herself duly signed underneath with your name. She will love it because it’s not the usual.

9. Ticket to a Cinema – take her out to watch that movie she’s always been talking about.

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10. Hamper – this is another great idea. Instead of getting cream, soap and others separately, go to a beauty shop and let them pack a full Hamper containing the women essentials for you.

11. Appreciate her – this is another gift that will cost you nothing. Appreciate her in the presence of your children, her friends, your friends and families.

12. Take her to the Salon – you may not like this but she wants it. Once in a while, find time to take her to make her hair, pick the style, stay with her, gist with her, wait until they are done and make sure you comment nicely on the hair.

13. Buy her Jewelries – this is another thing ladies love so much. If you have a wife that uses Jewelry, buy it for her – it doesn’t have to be diamond or gold but get a good one for her.

14. Be Faithful to her – this is one gift she can never be tired of, your faithfulness gives her security. It naturally makes you earn her trust.


15. Above all, Love her generously. Show the Love, say it often, kiss her and don’t deny her your body.

As You can see, gifts don’t have to be expensive but it must be well thought out and special.  You don’t need to break the bank to get her satisfied but you need to break through to your mind and think deeply. Gifts can be tangible or intangible, some you use money for and others are just through your act. Go ahead, make your wife happy by getting her that special thing.

Bisi Oludare has a passion and ministry in the area of family life. She is a graduate of the First Premier Marriage Institute – The College of Marital Success where she obtained a Postgraduate Certificate as a qualified Chartered Counselor. She is a graduate of the School of Disciples and also attended the Word of Faith Bible Institute. She is a graduate of Biochemistry from LAUTECH and also holds a Masters Degree in Pharmacology from UNILAG but called to build homes through the power in the word of God.

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