Your Outlook and your Marriage


Your Outlook and your Marriage

Outlook, as inconsequential as it appears is affecting many homes but people are not really taking cognizance of this.

1. Bad Dressing. A woman who fails to master the act of dressing very well may be preparing herself for marriage destruction because men are moved by what they see.

Solution: It is right to dress nice. In fact, good dressing is self advertisement. Don’t neglect your dressing, brand yourself. Adore yourself to attract your husband.

2. Bad outlook. Apart from dressing, your outlook and carriage can even affect your marriage. Watch your weight; don’t allow it to get out of hand making you shapeless and without form. Also learn how to walk stop dragging your feet on the floor and stop walking like a overloaded trailer.

Solution: Work on your outlook. Your husband is interested in the way you look; try as much as it is within your power to maintain your shape. Make sure your face, skin, etc all look fine.

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3. Bad Odour. Failure to smell nice is a danger to your marriage. Body odour and bad breath is anti-good marriage. Nobody will like to stay beside a smelling person. that is why those that smell do resent that partner.

Solution: Take good care of your body. Deal with your body odour and bad breath. Bath regularly, change clothing and underwear daily. Use perfume and “roll-on”. Brush and floss your teeth to deal with the odour.
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