Are You Presently Satisfied With Your Total Experience as a Wife in Your Marriage?

Do you enjoy a peaceful, romantic, and joyful relationship with your husband?

Or is your relationship with your husband more like a definition of trouble, bitter quarrels, trauma, and chaos?

How about your finances?

Do you resent not making your own income or enough income in the family to support your husband?

Do you feel like making your own money and contributing better to the family income?

What about your physical and mental health and the constant desire to ensure your children are raised as First Class Children?

Where do you go to become this Exceptional Woman….

…the Exceptional Wife of your husband and mother of your children

Or are you thinking what a mass number of wives are thinking?


Sure, My Husband Is The Problem I am Enduring!!!

is that so?
And what if it is?
What are you doing about it?

Continue complaining?
Giving up?
Or doing more to quarrel, nag, sulk, fight, etc?

Why not look inwards and become the exceptional wife your husband wants by his side?

Why not develop yourself and become more like the Proverbs 31 woman every man wants to have as a wife?

Rather than focusing on your husband and trying to change him…

Why not become the ideal wife your picture of a perfect husband will want?

If you are ready to change course and take charge of your place as the exceptional wife you ought to be ..

If you are ready to be the capable mother of first class children, the healthy and financially buoyant wife and mother…. Then



One month of coaching, grooming, and teaching
to make you a topnotch wife

A well-groomed woman is like a star in the sky, the closer you move to her the more she glitters. It's time to become a Proverbs 31 woman in thinking, talking, acting, reacting and affection.


For all Wives, Matured Ladies, Counselors (Male or female), Pastors (Male or female), Pastors' Wives, Female Ministers, and Mothers.


Zoom and Email


The program will be facilitated by PASTOR BISI & YOMI ADEWALE as well others who are trained experts on Marriage, Parenting and Family Life.

Pastor Bisi and Yomi Adewale have published more than 100 books on Marriage and Family Life, and their book SECRET OF AN IRRESISTIBLE WIFE has been a blessing to thousands of wives around the world.

They will be joined by other experts to turn you into a super wife in just 4 weeks


and lots more.


1. Weekly Live Coaching
2. Women's Care Kit
3. 15 Life-Uplifting Courses



and lots more.

Enroll Now Into The Wives Grooming Academy

Price | ₦20,000

PRICE | ₦20,000 ($20)


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