Friday, April 12, 2024

Welcome message from Pastor Bisi Adewale



My name is Bisi Adewale, your marriage and family coach and author of more than 100 books on womanhood, marriage, parenting, family health and other things that relate to family life.

It is well-intentioned to introduce my beautiful and brilliant wife, Olori Oluwayomi. I fondly call her “Adetutu” and with her beauty, you would hardly know she has given birth to three generals. She is a first-class graduate of accounting, a chartered accountant, a chartered tax practitioner, a chartered wife and Mother, a thorough breed professional, an exceptional marriage counsellor and a counsellor to thousands of wives and young ladies. What else do you want me to say about this cool lady?

My wife and I will be partnering with you to turn your life and family around. We are going to put our experience with thousands of Wives and married couples into use in our partnership with you to make your home a place to be forever and make your husband a loverboy with his REMOTE CONTROL in your hands.

In the next few days, your life will turn around as we volunteer to personally coach you to become better in wifehood, motherhood, your Christian journey and professionally. You are going to learn too much that it will be impossible for you to fail in marriage and life.

Our focus will be on the FOUR PILLARS OF LIFE, which involves your spiritual life, health, family life (marriage and parenting) and your career  (finance).

We promise you that our approach will be crazily practical, humorous, down to earth and sincere.

One thing we can assure you is that your life is about to change and your marriage is about to take a new turn. If you take all the counsels we will be giving you here, be sure of something happening to you, your spouse and your children greatly.

We will teach you how to turn your husband to a loverboy; how to protect him from strange women; and how to make him love you the way children love biscuits and candy.

We will also teach you how to be an excellent mother; how to raise good and Godly children; and how to build a better future for your children.

Our book available for download is FREE for you because we desire to turn your life and marriage around. The book will help you greatly; download it NOW. Won’t you say thank you?

We will be reaching you daily through emails with informative, entertaining and humorous, (yes, you will laugh and learn) life-changing but very short contents. We will be very practical and raw and we will tell you how to do it to get the desired result and the heart of your husband while sending bad girls away from him. Yes, no dull moments. Get ready for an exciting time with us.

In our daily emails to you, we will give you uncommon information that will help you in life and career. We will suggest COURSES you need to take, WEBINAR AND SEMINARS you need to attend and BOOKS you will need to read for total life make over. We will also send links of ARTICLES you will need to read to you. Very soon you will be able to join our Exclusive Wives Facebook Group where you will be able to relate with great minds and grow better and stronger.

  We recommend You download our EXCELLENT WIVES BUNDLE (3 sets of books that will turn your Marriage around) here and you need to attend our WIVES ACADEMYhere

Thank you for allowing us to help you and also, allowing us into your family.

Click the link below to download your Exclusive FREE books d begin to enjoy your Marriage.

Yours sincerely,

Bisi and Yomi Adewale

Your Family Coaches.