Uncommon Husband – 10 Top Traits Of Uncommon Husbands


Uncommon Husband – 10 Top Traits Of Uncommon Husbands
– Bisi Adewale

Uncommon husbands are common men with uncommon sense. Are you a great husband? Do you want to be one? Do you want to be a husband your wife will adore, honour and hero-worship? Then all you just need to do is to develop the following traits of uncommon husbands:

1.The Fear of the Lord: The first traits a great husband is the fear of the Lord. He fears the Lord enough to obey His words. He fears the Lord enough to care and provide for his wife. No husband can be a wonderful husband except he is god-fearing.

2.He is of godly character: A great husband is of a godly character. He is meek, gentle, caring, loving, forgiving, supportive, wise and cautious. He is not stingy but honest. He does not attend night clubs, smoke or indulge in adultery.

3.He is in Love: He loves his wife with all his heart and is not ashamed to let anybody know. He expresses love to his wife at any given opportunity.


4.He Respects and Honours His Wife: When you see a man that embarrasses his wife in the public, he is a baby husband. He is not a great man. A great husband respects and honours his wife and gives all glory to God.

5.He is a Good Communicator: A woman loves it when her husband is talking and listening passionately to her. A good husband is open to his wife. He speaks the truth in love and is always positive is his reactions to his wife.

6.He is a Great Leader: He is never a boss but a tender lover. He knows how to make people follow him without forcing them. He has vision, which he shares with his family. He influences the family and offers them good examples. He makes his people work without fighting with them.

7.He is Diligent: A great husband is a worker; he is not lazy. He knows that favour accompanies labour. He puts his hands to work and makes bread available to his family.

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8.He satisfies his Wife’s Bedroom Desires: A great husband is romantic. He knows how to make his wife enjoy him. He is tender, patient and careful with the wife in the bedroom. He knows that foreplay is a must if a woman must enjoy sex. Hence, he never rush the wife but brings her up before any sexual act.

9.He gives His Wife Peace: The wife of a great husband is always sad to see him travel because he is a man of peace with no space for fighting, bitter- arguments, abuse, curse, shouting, malice, bitterness, resentment, bickering and hatred. A great husband has no time for all these. He is a source of joy to his darling wife.

10.He is Committed to Marriage: He never threaten his wife with beating, separation or divorce but is ready to give his marriage anything it takes to make it work. His wife is number one in his life after God. His wife is his thinking partner, friend, prayer partner, bed mate, soul mate and confidant.

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Bisi Adewale is a family and relationship expert. He is the president of college of marital success. He has authored more than 40 books, a renowned international conference speaker and marriage counselor, the host of T.V program called family booster, and the set man of family booster ministry.

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