True Love Test


True Love Test
Pastor Bisi Adewale


You need to test whether you are truly in love or in lust or just infatuated. You need to know whether that person that claims to love you really does or he or she is pretending, with another plan in his/her heart.

Love that is based only on outside appearances as is not love, it is infatuation and it will not stand the test of time that is the reason many marriages are ending in divorce and separation today.

A man may not really love you but pretend to, because of any of the following reasons:

– He wants cheap sex

– He wants to add your name to the number of girls he has “conquered”, imagine that?

– He may want your money if he knows that your parents are very rich.

– He may want to be going out with you to enhance his social status and to prove to his friends that he can actually control a lady.

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– He may just want you by his side to fill his emotional vacuum

– He may want you because of your physical beauty, in other words; if there is a change in your physical appearance he will dump you for another lady.

Likewise a lady may not really love you; she may be hanging on you for the following reasons:

– She wants marriage at all cost because of her age or because all her friends are already married. This kind of lady may hurry you into marriage even when you are not ready for it.

– She may want you because of your money

– She may want you to embrace her for social status or for political or business reasons.

– For sexual satisfaction.

– To get a job or admission into an institution of higher learning.

– To pass her exams

– Because of your position, stature, people, fame, car, House, etc.


One funny thing is that these guys and ladies will pretend and claim to be in love with you

Do not be deceived take your time read this article and check whether he/she really

Love you or whether you really love him/her.
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