Tiwa Savage Teeblliz
In the last few days the social media has been awash with the story of troubled marriage of Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz. As a counsellor,it is never my joy seeing any marriage crash no mater who is involved,this prompt me to write this piece may be it will help somebody out there;celebrity and non celebrity alike.
All over the world ,Celebrity marriages are known to be more plaque than other marriages,though other people do have problem in their marriage but it hardly make the headlines.
When a celebrity marriage clocks two years ,it is always a big hit because a lot of things are against their marriage.It is even more difficult if both of them are celebrity.
Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett lasted for only 21 Months
Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd: 218 Days
Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad “Nicky” Hilton: 205 Days
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphrey can teach us a few things as well. Their marriage lasted 72 days
Britney Spears and Jason Alexander: 55 Hours
in 2004, the pop star tied the knot with her childhood friend Alexander after partying in Las Vegas. Despite the fact that the marriage immediately made headlines all over the world, it lasted a mere 55 hours before it was promptly annulled.
As it is happening in Hollywood,Nigeria Celebrities have imported it into their marriages too,we have so many Divorced or separated Celebrities in Nigeria,there is one whose marriage lasted only Few days.
Lets check the problem with celebrity marriages to know why marriage is always difficult for many of them to maintain.

FAME: Fame is dangerous to relationships for a couple of reasons. Most troubling is that it demands swaths of time away from each other,can easily spring up pride,independent and solo spirit. A whole lots of famous people are proud,cocky and pompous because their faces are known every where and their names are been mentioned in the media daily.

Most celebrity based their marriages on wrong foundation.
Many were induced by ROMANTIC LOVE and not an AUTHENTIC LOVE. While Authentic love is based on Service and Sacrifice,romantic love is based on Emotion,sex,passion and infatuation.
Letting infatuation and chemistry drive the relationship is One common flaw of these celebrity couples. Endorphins and the hormone oxytocin are powerful forces when sexual chemistry is strong. This intense feeling convince the couple that the relationship must be the right one. You will hear them saying “I’ve never felt like this before!” “I am crazily in love Mehn”“I must have this woman right now!”
After wedding emotion do dry up,reality do set in,too soon after the honey moon they often realize that marriage is more than Sex,kissing and fantasies


ENTERTAINMENT ROUTE INTO MARRIAGE: most do base their marriage on romance,kissing,fondling,necking,partying,clubbing and dancing.
etc,no time to check character and attitude. These are very bad foundations for any marriage that must last.

EGO: Most of them are full of ego and Pride.They believe life is at their feet,they are so carried away with their status that they destroy what matters,they do forget that Sunshine will not last beyond 7pm,darkness will soon set in.

CELEBRITY MENTALITY: Celebrity mentality in marriage can destroy any home. Home can only be sustained when a man or woman comes home as a husband or wife,as a father or mother not as a famous songsters,famous actor or actress ready to be worship and adore into his or her bedroom.
This is one major problem with celebrities,most can not differentiate between make-believe and real life.

MAKE UP IS REMOVED: Most celebrities married the make-up,not the real man or woman. After the wedding ,the veil will be removed and the truth will be known then things will begin to fall apart as the center can not hold

DRUG AND ALCOHOL: Drug and alcohol do contribute to the destruction of celebrity marriage. Whosoever is given to drug and alcohol will not be a fantastic spouse of anybody and alcohol is known to flow freely among celebrity

INFIDELITY: This is very common among Celebrities may be more than any other professionals.People that married celebrity hardly trust them,society see them as symbol of sex.

MONEY: Money is known to be a problem in most marriages,celebrity marriage is not an exception. Most of them make much money and blow it so quickly on luxuries. I read about one Nigerian celebrity who said non of his shoes is less down 150,00 naira and that he does not wear one shoes twice so that his fans won’t think he is broke. Another bought a bag almost a million Naira. This kind of life may be difficult to sustain in marriage,hence problems begin to set in.


MAKING MARRIAGE PUBLIC: Most celebrity do forget that marriage is a private affair,when they have a little misunderstanding with their spouse they rush to the social media to make it public, they’ve forgotten that the reading public have their own problems too but they are not saying it out. As soon as marital problem is made public ;settlement becomes more difficult.

FAILURE TO FIGHT FOR THEIR MARRIAGES: Some years back I wrote a book Titled FIGHT FOR THAT MARRIAGE,when I was writing that book I discovered that one of the problem of people is that they do fail to fight for their marriage,instead of that they do everything to fight their marriages,this is much more common among so called celebrity.

MARRIED BUT SINGLE: A whole lots of celebrity are married but are still single in their attitude,actions,lifestyle and way of living. You hardly hear a celebrity using the word “WE” they use “ME” “I” “MINE” and “MYSELF”,result Is they live selfish and self entered life destroying the union called marriage.

It should come at no surprise that consistent time is necessary to sustain a happy marriage,but celebrity couples hardly create time to be at home,they move from one film location to another from one shows to another,from one club to another creating little or no time for their spouses. They begin to drift from their spouses,leading to a huge gulf that money and fame can not fill.

RUMOR: A times I do think some bloggers are just out to destroy celebrity marriages,they carry unsubstantiated rumors about cracks in one marriage or the other, these go all out to affect marriages of celebrities  negatively because it help to break trust and destroy love in their marriages

WRONG FRIENDS: All manners of people do surround celebrity couples and most of the time they are the wrong ones.They hail them as they go into infidelity,they encourage them to fight their spouses,they smuggle- in girlfriends for them and cover them up,this is another reason why celebrity marriage don’t work.


TIME WITH OPPOSITE SEX: Unlike in most other professions. Actors actresses,Musician are known to spend time with the opposite sex in music studios,rehearsals,locations,shows etc.in the absence of their spouses,this do open rooms for temptation and breaks trust.

LACK OF KNOWLEDGE ABOUT MARRIAGE AND FAMILY LIFE: The way some celebrities behave you will know that they lack knowledge of what family life is all about. Many hardly know the differences between Dating and marriage and they hardly bother to learn. They read so many books about love,romance and dating but non on marriage,parenting and family life.

FAILURE TO PREPARE FOR MARRIAGE: Celebrities are known to spend a lot of time and money to plan a romantic proposal,buys expensive diamond engagement rings,spend much more on fairy tale royal wedding,blow millions on Honey moon,but spend nothing to prepare for Marriage. Simple wifehood or husbandhood roles, they do not know and Marriage Success does not come by instinct,if you do not know them you are simply out of order and they will come back to haunt you

THINKING GOD DOES NOT MATTER IN MARRIAGE: Marriage is not Just a social relationship,it is also a spiritual one. From choice making God must be involve,when there is trouble He is the first to be call upon not Instagram or Facebook or granting interview to the next available blogger. When you remove God from the calculation of your life and family it will come back to haunt you no matter whom you are.

THINKING MARRIAGE IS A SUPER MARKET WHERE YOU CAN WALK IN AND WALK OUT ANY TIME: A lots of celebrities change spouses like diapers because they believe there is nothing wrong with it. Apart from the fact that it is not the will of God,broken marriage hurts,it hurt deeply. In fact ,a recent study shows that the effect of a dead spouse will have on the surviving partner is lower than effect divorce will have on divorce couples. It is totally wrong to go into marriage with divorce in mind,it is like writing an exam with failure in focus