Things You Must Plan For This Year Pt 1


Things You Must Plan For This Year Pt 1
– Pastor Bisi Adewale

May this year be 1000 times better than last year for you. May you enjoy good health, joy and protection this year. May your life radiate the life of Christ; you will see the end of this year and see 2013 in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
For this year to be better than last year, there are things you must put into it to live better. You must plan better; better plan is the mother of better result. So you need to do the following:
1. Plan to live for God this year. In my last article last year, I emphasize this but it can never be overemphasize that you need God as your senior partner in your family, life and business for you to live a life full of colour. Work in the path of righteousness this year. Spend time with God in prayer, fellowship and in the word of God. God is all you need this year to turn your life around, please don’t neglect him.
2. Plan to build your own house this year. You cannot be living your life as a tenant forever. It is dangerous to do that, make building your own house your goal this year and God will help you. Living in your own house makes a great financial sense. A man said when he moves to his former house few years ago at Gbagada Lagos, he was paying #150,000. By the time he moved to his house, the rent had been increased to #700,000 while his income did not increase at that level. Don’t joke about this; you need to move into your own house.
3. Plan to improve yourself. You can’t use stale wisdom to get better result. You need to develop yourself. By all means, make sure that you are better this year than last year; the world is waiting for a better edition of you.
4. Plan to spend more time with your family. George Lorimer said, “It is good to have more money and things money can buy, but it is good to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things money can’t buy”. Spend time with your family this year. Money cannot buy your family, don’t lose them because of money or because of your goals. Your family is very important; this you will know when you celebrate your 70th birthday.

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