Couples in marriage can be generally classified into the following groups:

  • Rocky Couples. These are couples in turbulent marriages, full of strife, quarrel and misunderstanding. It is a marriage at its most terrible state.
  • Rival Couples. Their own marriage is a little bit better than rocky couples, but they are not friends. Unlike couples in rocky marriages, they are not enemies but they are rivals.

This marriage is not full of love, playfulness, no romance.

  • Royal Couples. These are couples who have built their marriages to its best state. They are in love and in the Lord; this is the will of God for our families.




                                     BULDING BLOCKS OF ROYAL COUPLES

Your family should be a royalty family. The wife should be queen and the husband a king, our houses should be palaces and our children princes and princesses.

This is the will of God for our families; anything contrary to this is not in His book.

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How do we build a royal family? How do we become royal couples?

This can be done if we do the following:

  1. Accept each other: If you see your wife as a king you won’t be complaining about her, voice, stature and dressing. But you will accept her totally and thank God for who she is. Like wise a woman needs to accept her husband totally.
  2. Celebrate each other: You are not only going to accept each other, but to celebrate each other lavishly; glorifying God who gave you to each other. Celebration can come in form of appreciation. Appreciate the outlook; dressing; stature; cooking; provision, etc, in form of thanking God for your spouse as you pray; whether when your spouse is around or not.
  3. Make your spouse the number one on your ‘to do list’: Indifference is one of the strongest killers of marriage; couples in bad marriages are fond of committing this great ‘crime’, most don’t have the thought of their spouse in their mind and have no plan to be together. Lack of attention is very dangerous to the success of any marriage. Cherish the opportunity to be with your spouse. Be friends; be a companion and be fond of each other.
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The time you make available to be with your spouse will show how much you value him or her. You can never build a great marriage when you are never together. Married partners are not supposed to be ‘pen pals’, they are supposed to be intimate lovers; with great attachment bond which spending adequate time together can do. Hence, deliberately create your own ‘Time-out’ period. Keep on dating each other as if you are yet to be married.

  1. Pray together. There is something great that happens when husband and wife pray together, it brings them together and brings God into their relationship. It produces a spiritual super glue to join them together.