Solution to Marital Finances


Solution to Marital Finances

Solution to Marital Finances

Money plays a major role in the success of any relationship, if the principles stated below are strictly adhered to definitely your marriage is sure to stand out and be a pace setters among others. These are some of the solutions provided for combating the problems caused by money in marriage.

Solution 1: All couples should create time to talk about their financial life together. They should not indulge in hiding their pay pack form from each other. It is right for spouses to know what their financial income looks like. Financial decision in marriage should be a continuous work, keep on talking like friends.

Solution 2: Make your immediate family your major priority on your spending list.. It is your obligation to meet your family needs. You must provide good housing, clothing, medication, food, education for the advancement of your home.

Solution 3: It is imperative not allow affection to die because of money. Find time to be with your wife. Dating and courting should start afresh after the wedding and do not just make money; make marriage.

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Solution 4: You need to know that there is no honour for the lazy man. it is disgraceful and full of shame. It is a habit that have been developed over a long time, hence you need to cultivate the habit of hardworking. Do not pretend about it, do not allow it to destroy your life. If you fail to assume responsibility, then you will soon become a liability

Solution 5: Cultivate the act of intimate discussion about the plans both of your have for the future. Try not to lose your focus, chat and discuss about it. It is germane that both of you must have the same focus, to make things easier.

Solution 6: Always try not to live above your means of income but live below it. Avoid buying what you do not need.

Solution to Marital Finances

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