Secrets of Healthy Living Part 2


Secrets of Healthy Living Part 2

Hello there and how are you feeling today? We do hope you enjoyed the first edition of this write up and have possibly started some of the healthy practices briefly discussed.

Imagine someone walks into a hall filled with say one hundred people of different age, gender, socio-economic status etc and asked the golden question; “Who want to enjoy good health?” How many people do you think will raise their hands? Your guess is as good as ours – virtually everybody would want good health but it cannot be attained by mere wish.

This article more or less brings to the fore some of the sacrifices you will have to make to attain your desired good health. This write up is deep-rooted in a broader major factor to enhance good health. It has to do with your Diet and Nutrition.

  1. AVOID PROCESSED FOODS: Unfortunately, most of the foods consumed in our modern world are processed foods which are largely responsible for the continuous degeneration of health in our generation. It is hard to find a processed food that doesn’t contain chemical preservatives along with artificial colorings, artificial flavourings, stabilizers, emulsifiers and so forth. There is no such thing as a safe chemical! All chemicals are toxic to the body and produce adverse reactions within the body. Try as much as you can to avoid processed foods and you would have prevented major health problems. Source your foods yourself. Instead of canned tomatoes for instance, buy and grind your tomatoes.
  2. ELIMINATE WHITE SUGAR AND TABLE SALT: these are major culprits in our foods today. While you run away from them in processed foods, you must do away with them while cooking or preparing your foods. According to Blood Pressure UK, “The amount of salt you eat has a direct effect on your blood pressure.” White sugar has been accused of being a major immune destroyer, it does more harvoc in the body than just causing diabetes. Meanwhile, cutting down salt and sugar is more than just stopping yourself from adding them to your food, you need to also avoid them in processed foods. As a matter of fact, more than 50% of the salt and sugar you eat daily is hidden in processed foods. Replace table salt with sea salt and sugar with honey, brown sugar, molasses etc. Your health will not remain the same again!
  3. AVOID SOFT DRINKS, ALCOHOL: Drinking soda or alcohol is more or less a norm in our society today. What many people do not know is that these drinks are harmful to the body.
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This may come as a surprise but all soda or cola drinks or so called soft drinks contain caffeine and caffeine is an addictive drug. It just poisons the consumer a little more slowly and takes a little longer to destroy body parts. Another chemical content in soft drinks is Aspartame. Please check the side effects of this killer ingredient in all this processed drinks including fruit juices.

Alcohol on the other hand is an obvious killer that people still surprisingly consume despite all various warnings!

Secrets of Healthy Living Part 2

This is where we will stop for part one of this article. There are still some other things you need to know and do in order to stay healthy which we will discuss in the next edition. Till we come your way next time, we encourage you to make up your mind to eat healthy, live healthy in order to enjoy your life. You can reach out to us via our platforms:

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