Respecting Your Husband- Wonders of Respecting Your Husband


Respecting Your Husband- Wonders of Respecting Your Husband
– Bisi Adewale

The no one thing a man need from his wife is not sex but respect, when it is in place all other things will fall in place naturally.

1.Respect is reciprocal. When you give it, you receive (earn) it. The moment you begin to show your husband enough respect, his attitude will change towards you. He will treat you with respect and honour. He will stop addressing you anyhow as he used to do. Just give this piece of idea a trial, the result will surprise you.

2.You will gain his attention when you respect him. He will neglect so many things just because of you. He will love your company and will stop hanging out with ungodly friends. He will rush home without doing overtime because of you.

3.When you take care of him, he will also show you care and affection.

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4.There will be minimal quarrel in your marriage.

5.Family needs which are in your husband’s power, will be easily met without you begging for days.

6.God will also honour you and make every good thing to submit to you.

7.There will be great love between you and the children.

8.Answer to your prayers by God will be easy because there will no longer be room for grudges, malice and unforgiveness which can hinder prayers.

9.There will be absolute peace at home.

10.Your bedroom life will become solid and this in turn will make your marriage strong and better

Bisi Adewale is a family and relationship expert. He is the president of college of marital success. He has authored more than 40 books, a renowned international conference speaker and marriage counselor, the host of T.V program called family booster, and the set man of family booster ministry.

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