Fullness Of What You Must Have In Marriage.Part 2
Fullness Of What You Must Have In Marriage.Part 2

Money and Marriage Master Class Lesson 24


Bisi Adewale

Listed here are more reasons why people make purchases

  1. To Impress Others: Somebody said “Many people are spending the money they have not earned to buy what they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like” This is perfectly true. The urge to impress informs purchases made by people in this category. Acquiring expensive clothes, shoes, clothes, phones, etc could be drawn from the fact that you are seeking the mark of approval of some people. Unfortunately, nobody is really impressed. They may not have even noticed you wearing the new dress or shoes. What a loss! You felt beneath the mark, nobody is moved but your finances are hurt. Nobody is impressed but your account is suppressed and oppressed, while you are left depressed.
  2. It Is Trendy: Lots of people, women especially run after whatever is in vogue. They have to go with the tide and be up-to-date, even if it hurts their destinies, shrinks their financial life and turns them into debtors. Many women cannot but buy the latest shoes, bags, clothes etc. While some of the male counterparts change cars as though they were changing diapers. Some men also buy new sets of electronics or phones just to be trendy. Some years back, small cute bags was in vogue but recently, women have started carrying handbags almost as big as travelling bags. When I queried some them, their answers hinged on following fashion. Only God knows what will be vogue by the time I conclude this book.
  3. We See It As An Opportunity: In addition to other antics advertisers put up, they represent their goods to potential customers as a privilege and rare opportunity, which buyers must not miss. They may even say this privilege is only for 500 people or it will close soon. They may even attach a time frame to it and proclaim it is limited to only a particular numbers of people. I visited a website and they claimed they were offering was supposed to close in 48 hours. Six months later when I visited the same websites, that same opportunity was still about to go off in 48hours. Obviously, six months was not long enough for 48 hours to be complete. Truth be said, there is no opportunity in advertising. Whatever bonus they claim to dole out are gimmicks which many people have fallen prey of; thereby creating holes in their pockets.
  4. It Is A New Product: The traffic to buy new products is usually more dense than the old ones. Business people are aware of this fact, which is why they constantly rebrand their products.
  5. They Want the Product: the inability to distinguish between wants and desires is what pushes many people to make some purchases. The fact that you want something does not mean you really need it. If you consistently follow your desires, you will end up accumulating many things that are not particularly useful to you. Why buy something you may not use in the next one year. This is total waste of money. Buy only the things you need to use per time.
  6. They need the Product: One good reason to buy a product is when it is a need. Your money a God-given avenue to meet your needs not your want. It is not to show-off, impress others or make people envy you. It is to help you move forward, not to destroy you or hurt others.
  7. Investment Purposes: An investment mentality can guide your spending habit. Delaying gratification till a time when it yields more profit is a wise steps. For instance, somebody bought a land #600,000 then sold it 4 million naira barely three years later. That is a good way of spending money. It is not for pleasure; it is spending money to make money.
  8. It Is Budgeted For: Planned spending goes a long way in guiding the way you spend money. Utilizing a budget helps you objectively assess a product before making the purchase. You can wisely decide if making a purchase can be put off till later due to the availability and non-availability of cash.

Rate yourself by these points. Are your purchases informed by wants or needs? Are you really putting your hard earned money into proper use? Is it important that you change your spending habit and your attitude to money? If you must manage money rightly in your home, then you must have proper spending habit which is based on NEED, INVESTMENT AND BUDGET.


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