Purpose of Sex in Marriage


Purpose of Sex in Marriage

CLICK TO BUY BOOKTo know the importance of sex in marriage, I think every couple should know the purpose for which God created it; it is not to make you dirty, unholy or unrighteous. It is not to destroy you, but to build. It is not to separate couples, but to bind them together.

1. For purity: Regular sex is known to prevent adultery. I have an elderly friend who said he was keeping three girlfriends as an unbeliever before he met his wife. He said immediately after his wedding, he stopped all sexual immorality even as an unbeliever because, according to him, his wife was satisfying him. When a man is satisfied at home, his desire for sex goes down, since his desire is met.

2. For pleasure: God created sex for the enjoyment of both the husband and his wife. It is something that is beautiful and pleasurable. Couples should know that it is the duty of each of them to give pleasure to each other.


3. Expression: Sex is the expression of love to one’s spouse. Though you can express your love to your spouse in several ways, such as giving gifts, kissing, sending text messages, cooking of nice meals. The highest and the best way to express your love to each other is by having sex. Nobody has the right to do it with your spouse, but you and you alone.

4. Communion: It is a great way of sharing and caring. It is the highest level of communion. It is a complete communion between a man and his wife. It touches the body, soul and the spirit.

5. Covenant: It is a way of renewing our marriage covenant. Anytime you make love to your spouse, you are expressing your love to your spouse, thereby confirming that your body belongs to your spouse.

6. Recreation: It can be used as a tool of recreation and relaxation. Long foreplay, massaging, hugging and kissing are all ways to relax with one’s spouse, completing it with a good and enjoyable sex.

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7. Preservation: Sex can serve as a tool of preservation of your marriage. Women, most especially should know that good sex is needed if their homes must be preserved. A man who has a Benz car at home is not likely to steal a bicycle. Likewise, a man who is adequately satisfied with sex is not likely to look outside for it. That is why women should do everything possible to satisfy their husbands.

8. Duty: Sex is a duty that must be carried out by parties involved joyfully. It is common for women to be uninterested in sex and this has led to destruction of many homes. If there must be denial or abstinence, it must be with mutual consent. Sex is a duty that you must be carry out in marriage.

9. For crisis management: Sex can be a happy ending to some quarrels, though it is not a substitute for discussing the issue. After problems have been sorted out by discussion and rendering of apologies where necessary.

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10. Tension management: Sex can also be a good tool for managing of tension as sexual activities causes relaxation that can be useful for any individual.

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