Purpose – How To Discover It


Purpose – How To Discover It

– Bisi Adewale

Purpose – How To Discover It

Everybody is created for a purpose. The place of your assignment is the place of your strength and the place of your strength is found in your assignment. To discover your purpose in life, get acquitted with the following points:

1. Seek for direction: Inquire from God for your direction. Nobody knows a product best like the manufacturer likewise you can’t know yourself like God because, He is your maker and your manual is in His hand. He knows the purpose for which you are created. Go to Him in prayer and ask Him. God created every human being for a purpose. Your success is tied to your purpose.

2. Check your potential: Every human being on this planet earth has one talent which God has deposited in them from birth. A man’s potential are areas where one has special skill or gift in doing something. All you have to do, is to get serious and trade with it. Please don’t neglect your potential; it may take you to the top of the ladder.

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3. Check your passion: Take a closer look at your passion; it may be a pointer to your purpose in life. Your passion is what you enjoy doing, that which you do with ease. Though others see it as a difficult task or uninteresting but as far as you are concerned; you enjoy doing it efficiently.


Bisi Adewale is a family expert and president of college of marital success, an international conference speaker, author of more than 70 books on marriage and family life, host of family T.V. program called Family Booster.

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