Preparation for Family Financial Success


Preparation for Family Financial Success
Pastor Bisi Adewale

“Prepared your work outside, make it fit yourself in the field and afterward build your house”.
(Proverbs 24:27 NKJV)
Preparation is the mother of celebration. If you are not prepared, one wise man said, you will have a lot things to repair. Prepare as if it is impossible for your family to fail financially. If you do anything without preparation, you will need to do it again and again. Any action taken without preparation will ultimately lead to frustration. Every task is twice tedious if they are not prepared for.
Every successful family is a result of careful preparation. Preparation may seem costly but its absence is even costlier. The time a farmer uses to sharpen his cutlass is not wasted. It is an investment.
The victory will not go to the most powerful but to the one with adequate preparation. God prepared adequately before He created the earth then He created man and animals. He made Eden available before He made Adam. No wonder God is always successful in His ventures.
If your family must succeed, you must prepare well for it. There is a place for prayer, just as there is a place for preparation. If you ‘land’ without preparing for it, you will crash-land. Preparation is planning mixed with patience. Your life is history written with the ink of your preparation and the pen of your action.
Above all, prepare for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He will come very soon. No matter your success on earth, you are not yet successful until you make heaven. Don’t exchange your eternal home with earthly gains. Repent from your sins today and embrace Christ. True success lies in the “Promised Land”. No matter your success here, go ahead and cross the Jordan. Overcome Jericho: remove Achan, overcome nations and kings and return to be with the Lord.
– Ask yourself “How much do I know about my assignment
– Am I adequately prepared for this assignment?
– “If I fail in this assignment who will I blame?
– “Do I still need to contact people or books”
– “Am I patient enough”?
– Planning is learning
– Adequate preparation provokes good success
– If you fail to prepare, you will have a lot of things to repair
– The time a farmer uses in sharpening his cutlasses is not a wasted time but invested.
– If you are in haste you may become a waste.
– Actions taken without adequate preparation will ultimately lead to frustration.
– God is a planner. He planned for a supper (last supper) for over two thousand years ago.
– If you are adequately prepared, you will be adequately rewarded.
– Preparation is an eleven-letter word. Right in the middle is “R” (P-R-E-P-A-R-A-T-I-O-N) which stands for REWARD. If you prepare, you will be rewarded.
– You can never be a Heavy Weight champion in Boxing without being lover of the gym.
– You can’t be an Olympic gold medalist by just dreaming. You must prepare for it.
– Let everybody that desires success adopts the Boy Scout’s Motto: BE PREPARED!

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