Organizing Yourself For Financial Surplus Pt2


Organizing Yourself For Financial Surplus Pt2
Bisi Adewale

Where do you fall my friend? Your position in money handling now, will determine your financial state in the future. When you spend money wrongly, you spend your life with it. Theodore Roosevelt observed that “No boy will ever succeed as a man who does not in his youth begin to save money.
Benjamin Disraeli observed that “The way to wealth is as plain as the way to the market: Waste neither time nor money”. You will be wise to be a “wise spender”. Do not spill your own blood by wasting your hard earned money. Do not be stingy or extravagant. Give to the work of God. Above all, pay your tithe, lest it becomes tight with you (Malachi 3:8-21).
Please note this: You must save money but never be a “Money saviour. “Do not give “rest” to your money. Save it where it will continue to work. A money savior is a person that keeps his money at home. For years, the value of the money is still the same. This is foolishness. Don’t keep your money under mattress. Why should you be sleeping on your future? Don’t lock it up in your wardrobe. Why should you lock up your destiny? Money kept is like sleeping on your future? Don’t lock it up in your wardrobe. Why should you lock up destiny? Money kept at home can be stolen easily by armed robbers. Fire can burn it. You can easily spend it and you know, it will not yield any interest. Invest your money. Buy shares and government stocks. Save in banks. Be wise.
God is a planner. Any of His children that want true success should be a planner. Plan what to be and what to do. Denis Waitley said, “Most people spend more effort and time planning than planning their lives.”
The reason many marriages fail is that many only plan for the wedding and not the marriage. “The man who succeeds had a program. He fixed his course and adhered to it,” remarked Orison Sweet. No man can stop a man with a plan, as there is nobody that has planned to stop him. Plan how you want to spend your time, money and life and adhere to it. God had a wonderful plan for the world before He created it.
He planned for the redemption of man before his (man) fall. If you must take after God, then you must plan. If you don’t have a big plan, you will fall for small things. If you fail to have a big plan you will have a big fall. IF YOU DON’T HAVE A BIG PLAN, YOU WILL HAVE A BIG FALL.

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