Organizing Yourself For Financial Surplus Pt 1


Organizing Yourself For Financial Surplus Pt 1
Bisi Adewale

Every successful venture starts from the organization of the “four M” Men, Money, Material, and Machine. But I discovered the fifth ‘M’ and that is “ME”. Before you can financially successfully, you must organize yourself. Your daily habit towards money determines your total attainment. If you are not organized, it is sure that your future will be disorganized. The way you sail determines the harbor you find yourself.
I agree with Mike Murdock when he said, “Men do not really decide their future, they decide their habits, then their habits decide their future. Your daily routine determines your destiny. But you have power to determine your routine. The route to success is labeled DAILY ROUTINE.
• How many hours do you normally spend on bed daily? Any day you sleep more than six hours you have over slept. Those who want to dine with the queen do not go to bed when their mate does.
Bishop Oyedepo, the man who built a 50,000 seater church auditorium (that was said to be the largest in the world), within eight months works for eighteen hours each day. Staying in bed for ten hours in the name of resting is not resting but “arresting”.
• How do you normally spend your time? Are you wasting, using or investing it? You waste your time when you laze around. You use your time when you are doing something you think is “worthwhile”, but do not help your purpose in life. You invest your time if you use it to work toward your vision. Hours spent on idle talks, worrying, gossiping, over-sleeping, etc. are all wasted. Success is what you want. Time is what God gives you. If you judiciously use your time, then you get what you want. Plan your time. Your daily activities determine your attainment in life.
• Another area where you must organize yourself is in the way you handle money. We have three types of spenders:
– The first set of spenders are those that spend their money before they get it. I call them “LEFT SPENDER”. They spend more than their incomes and find themselves in debt.
– The second set of spenders are “RIGHT SPENDERS”. These ones spend their money as soon as they get it. They are neither in debt nor have savings.
– The third types of spenders are “WISE SPENDERS”. These are set of people that spend their money wisely. They save and even invest their money.

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