Olden Day’s Marriage, Modern Day’s Marriage And Bible-Based Marriage. Pt 1


Olden Day’s Marriage, Modern Day’s Marriage And Bible-Based Marriage. Pt 1
Bisi Adewale

There are three major types of marriage. Two are not right, while only one is sanctioned by God. But in the world today, even among Christians, the three of them are observable. People should know these types of marriage to affect their lives positively.
(1) OLDEN DAYS MARRIAGE- It is cultural marriage based on Stone Age values. Unfortunately, learned people that are supposedly wise are still following these barbaric customs. (I Pet. 3:7)
In olden days marriage a man is seen as the head, a dictator or even a small god. He is not expected to get counsel from anybody, most especially his wife. In the olden day’s marriage, men see their wives as slaves, properties, baby making machines, sex objects, cooks, nannies, etc.
Wives are thought to be less intelligent, and morally deficient, are expected to be inherited by his younger ones when he dies. She is expected to be fetching water and firewood even when she is nine months pregnant and is expected to be beaten or “disciplined” by husbands when she misbehaves”.
Women are seen as hindrance to prayer, therefore many people think it is better to live in separate rooms or shun their meals. She is not expected to enjoy sex. If she shows she enjoys it, she is considered wayward, childlessness is seen as women’s fault and a woman that cannot give birth to a male child is seen as a failure. In this type of marriage, women are seen as foreigner while the husband’s relations are the real owners of the home. Husbands consider their families, their children and career before considering their wives.
Women, in olden day’s marriage, consider sex as something to be done for procreation only. Sex does not take place on Sunday (because it is the day of the Lord), in the afternoon (lest you give birth to albino), during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
In the olden day’s marriage, there is no romance, no friendship, no communionship, no companionship, no love, no affection, no intimacy, and no togetherness. Here, marriage is seen as a “deeper tenancy” relationship, rigid and static it is to be endured and abhorred.

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