Marriage: Negative Thinking Pt 1


Marriage: Negative Thinking Pt 2
– Bisi Adewale

These are tools used by the devil to bring down marriages. Some of them are briefly discussed:

–      Suspicion. Baseless suspicion is an offshoot negative thinking.

–      Lust.  Thinking about having sex with any other person apart from your spouse is unholy and  unrighteousness, it can destroy you, your home and your life.

–      Worry. “Be anxious for noting…..” Says the scripture. Do not allow worry to affect your health and your marriage, rather take these issues to God in prayers.

–      Feelings of being cheated. The moment you begin to imagine that the love and care you have for your spouse is not reciprocated, your marriage will begin to deteriorate.

–     Feelings of low-self esteem. This is when you have a low self image about yourself. You don’t feel good enough; believes other are better than you in so many ways.

–      Insecurity. This is a progression of low self-esteem. It occurs when a spouse loses total confidence in himself or herself, in his or her abilities, etc. The aftermath of this kind of feeling is trying to exercise control of situation in a negative way. For example, husbands subjecting their wives to assault to prove their manhood.

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–      Feelings of rejection. This is a feeling of unacceptance of oneself or feeling abandoned by your spouse. This is a major stumbling block to the success of any marriage. Women most especially should deal with this feeling as all of them are fond of asking their husbands that “Do you still love me?” It is that feeling that normally brings this question.

–      Bitterness. Bitterness that graduated from offense, leading to malice, anger, unforgiveness and resentment should be dealt with. Don’t ever allow the root of bitterness to have a place in your heart lest it destroy you.

–      Murderous thought. These are thoughts that build up as a result of offences and bitterness, in the heart that were not dealt with.

–      The “Small you, big me” thought. This is called pride. It makes a man talk to his wife anyhow, because he feels his wife knows nothing. For this cause, he will never allow his wife to advise, correct or influence him.


–      Thought of vengeance. Thinking of how to revenge, even score with your mate and “pay him or her in his/her coin”. When couples revenge, they hurt each other. When they forgive, they do themselves a favour.

–        Thought of divorce or separation. When a man or woman constantly thinks about divorce or separation, there is an increased possibility of a divorced marriage

Bisi Adewale is a family expert and president of college of marital success, He is an international conference speaker and an author of more than 40 books on marriage and family life, singles, love, sex and purity and intimacy. He is the host of family T.V. program called Family Booster Momments.

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