Money and a Successful marriage pt 1


Money and a Successful marriage pt 1
– Bisi Adewale

Money is very important in marriage. It can make or mar a home and it one of the major reasons people are failing in marriage. In fact, experts say money is the number one reason for divorce worldwide.
1. Marriage is always difficult when the needs of the family cannot be met. Poverty is a major reason marriage fails.
Solution: Improve your money making ability. Learn how to manage money rightly, live below your means and increase your financial intelligence. Read my book titled: MONEY MANAGEMENT IN MARRIAGE and MAXIMIZING MONEY IN MARRIAGE.
2. Debt. Debt is bondage. It can be damaging as it makes the debtor a servant to the lender. It destroys love at home and denies the family the ability to fulfill it potential.
Solution: Be discipline. Avoid buying things on credit. Avoid the buy-now-pay-later syndrome. Handle your credit card wisely or you do away with it. Be determined to pay all your debts and avoid new ones. Debt is not a friend; it is a sworn enemy.
3. Bad Money Habit. Extravagance, stinginess, greed, etc are all bad money habits. Many people are extravagant in spending or themselves and outsiders but are stingy at home. This kind of habit will certainly cause a marriage to fail.
Solution: Develop good money habits. Make money, and learn how to give to God, your family and the needy. Don’t spend all you make, save some and invest some so that your money can multiply and lay a solid foundation for your future.
4. Love of Money. Love of money which is the root of all evils is also the root of many marriage divorce’s and separations. The love of money is the foundation of greed, show-off spending, stinginess, stealing, lying, competitive attitude, workaholic, money-at-all-cost syndrome, etc.
Solution: You can’t serve mammon (money) and God simultaneously. You can’t love money and love God. Don’t ever allow money to dominate your life, because it posses the inherent tendency to destroy you, your house and your family.
5. Independent Mindedness. Many people believe that their money is independent of their marriage. They are ready to be joined to their mate if it does not involve their bank accounts; their mindset is; I made my money and I should be able to spend it the way I want. This is the main reason money is destroying home.
Solution: What God has joined together never permit account (money) to put asunder. Work in unity in every aspect of your marital life, money inclusive.
6. Irresponsibilities. Some people are simply irresponsible. Many of them are making money but will never take care of themselves and children. This is very bad. I met a couple of men who graduates; they would rather stay at home, fully depending on their wives than look for something worthwhile to do.
Solution: You are not yet a man if you cannot feed your family. In fact, the Bible says whosoever fails to provide for his family is worse than an infidel. Go out to work brother. Feed your wife and children. Provide for them; that is what makes you a man.


Bisi Adewale is a family expert and president of college of marital success, He is an international conference speaker and an author of more than 52 books on marriage and family life, singles, love, sex and purity and intimacy. He is the host of family T.V. program called Family Booster Moments.

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