Marriage Web – Making Your Marriage a Web


Marriage Web – Making Your Marriage a Web

Marriage Web – Making Your Marriage a Web

As a spider web that is well connected to each other, couples in marriage should work together and be involve in each other. Making it impossible for one to be complete without the other.Marriage Web – Making Your Marriage a Web

Work Together as Friends: Do everything you want to do together, work together as friends, no task is tedious if it is done together. Raise your children together, do house work together, let your hands be joined together to fulfill the will of God concerning your home, fight your fighting together and win wars together.

Encourage Team Spirit: Let there be team spirit. In a team no single individual is more important than the other. Everybody takes the glory of the team, and failure is faced together. Create mental goal, allow love to reign, build togetherness, cover each other’s weakness, embrace each other’s uniqueness and make things happen for each other.

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Base your marriage on team spirit and look forward to a workable relationship. Learn to create goals together, communicate adequately about it, and map out strategies on how to make it work and successful. Do not blame each other if you do not get desirable result; rather, sit down together to map out new strategies. Always avoid blaming each other, but praise each other for little success.

Brotherliness: Operate like brothers; let the same blood flow in your vein. Brothers do disagree but they do not fight one another, rather they talk and discuss until they agree and find a common ground.

Never fight to hurt, never see disagreement as a battle, when you disagree; it should be to find a better way to move the family forward. Never embrace “win-at-all cost” mentality. In fact, there is nothing to win or lose about family disappointments.

Let there be brotherliness, love and affection. Let there be bonding and intimacy. Be co-builder, co-labourer, joint-heirs, be one, stand together, fight your battles together and win together. Increase yourself in love, swim together in affection.

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Relationship that exists between you and your spouse is stronger than brotherhood, while you are joining to your brothers by blood; you are joined to your mate by covenant. Blood may be thicker than water, but covenant is thicker that blood. Hence, guide your marriage jealously.Marriage Web – Making Your Marriage a Web

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