Marriage: Practical Ways to touch your Spouse Pt 2


Marriage: Practical Ways to touch your Spouse Pt 2
– Bisi Adewale

Touching is also very good for your marriage and breeds intimacy and fondness. It renews love and brings positive reactions. It also helps during crisis management and argument. Partners that hold or touch each other as they talk, to find a solution to a disagreement are likely going to “fight fair” instead of fighting dirty. Touching is very good for our family life.

? Always sleep close to each other, cuddle as you sleep, never stay in different rooms or sleep on different beds.
? Touch each other generously as you talk.
? Sleep on the couch or on the rug placing your head on the lap of your spouse.
? As your spouse places his/her head on your laps, play with her hair, caress her face and play with the ear.
? Sit on each other’s lap as you sit in the house.
? Let your legs touch each other as you sit at the dinning table.
? Always sit close to each other inside the car or bus.
? Demand to be placed beside each other in the plane.
? Hold each other’s hands along.
? Help unbutton your husband’s shirt and your wife’s blouse.
? Help unhook your wife’s bra or zip up her blouse.
? Sleep with as few clothes as possible at night; you can even sleep naked atimes holding each other.
? Trying to go to bed the same time.
? Sit close to each other as you watch television and use the period to communicate through touching.
? Start your day with cuddling and snuggling
? Establish cozy habit of staying in some sort of physical contact as you sit together or while you are going to sleep, placing a hand ovaley touching your partner’s for instance.
? Hug generously

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