Marriage: Practical Ways to touch your Spouse Pt 1


Marriage: Practical Ways to touch your Spouse Pt 1
-Bisi Adewale

Though touching is good, but as we grow to adulthood we have less people that can touch us .Atimes the only time we can be privileged to be touched is when we are with our spouse, but painfully, most couples don’t touch each other except for sexual intercourse.

? Massage each other’s body, taking time to give and receive.
? Caress each other’s back.
? Caress each other’s hairline and the neck.
? Play with each other’s feet.
? You can also bathe, dry and oil each other’s feet gently and leisurely.
? Help to wash each other’s hair and comb leisurely.
? Help to massage your spouse’s face.
? When you touch each other, don’t do it in an hurry. Don’t squeeze, do it carefully, gently and lovingly.
? Appreciate your spouse’s body as you touch it.
? Enjoy the pleasure of bathing together.
? Let your mate realize that every part of his/her body is pleasing, desirable and attractable to you.
? Ask your mate where he or she loves to be touched.
? Hold your spouse from the back pressing him or her to yourself, let him or her do the same to you then hug passionately.
? Help your mate as he/she dresses up touching him/her passionately in the process.
? Watch a comedy films together laughing heartily together, touching and falling on each other.
Let there be spark in your marriage, touch each other, don’t joke about it, take it serious.

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