Marriage: Negative Thinking Pt 2


Marriage: Negative Thinking Pt 2
Bisi  Adewale

–      “War time” thinking. This involves thinking of how to punish or hurt your partner. It is a childish thinking and a powerful weapon in the hands of devil to destroy homes.

–      Hatred of your spouse. If you have a bad habit of hating your spouse, you are digging the grave of your marriage. Love aids marriage, hatred destroy it. Remove offence and bitterness that destroy love and dealt with hatred in your heart.

–      Hatred of your spouse company. This normally comes from lack of acceptance of your spouse. It kills love and romance and destroys intimacy.

–      Hatred of sex with your spouse. The act of making love with your spouse is true worship. When you deprive each other of this beautiful act, you create a separation and a gulf in your marriage. Enjoy each other’s nakedness and don’t be ashamed to touch each other.

Mis-married thinking. Many couples begin to feel they made a mistake in a choice of a life partner after the wedding. The problem is not actually a wrong partner but that of bad attitudes or habits. Ignorance aids bad character, therefore, you both have to change your thinking.

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