Marriage and Godliness : Reward of Godliness to a Successful Marriage


Marriage and Godliness : Reward of Godliness to a Successful Marriage
Bisi Adewale

Susan and John Yates reveal an interesting point in their book, WHAT REALLY MATTERS AT HOME. They wrote about the families of Jukes and Edwards. Max Jukes and Jonathan Edwards both lived over two hundred years ago.
Jonathan Edwards was a godly man who lived for God in righteousness. He was a Pastor known to have at least 929 descendants. Of these, 430 were ministers, 86 became university professors, 13 university presidents, 75 wrote wholesome books, and five were elected to the congress and two to the senate. One was vice president of the United States of America. As far as we know, the Edwards descendants did not cost the state or society one cent, but rather contributed immeasurably to the life and strength of their country and of the entire world.
Max Jukes, a contemporary of Jonathan Edwards, was a criminal, who spent a large part of his life in prisons for one crime or the other. Known for his ungodly ways, he did not expose his children to church or the things of God. He is known to have had at least 1,026 descendants. Three hundred were sent to prison at an average of 13 years, 190 were public prostitutes and 680 were admitted alcoholics. His family cost the state of New York, hundreds of thousands of dollars and did not make much contribution to the society.
This true story reiterates the fact that godliness should not be toyed with. Live a righteous life, marry a godly partner and train your children in a godly way. This is the only way you can enjoy your marriage.

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