Marriage And Celebration- Benefit of Celebrating Your Spouse


Marriage And Celebration-  Benefit of Celebrating Your Spouse

– Bisi Adewale

Celebrating your spouse is what every couple should imbibe, the benefit of celebrating your spouse can not be compare with It out weight the cost of castigating and shifting blame in your marriage. So listed below the benefits of celebrating your spouse:

Marriage And Celebration-  Benefit of Celebrating Your Spouse

– It brings joy into the family

– It brings down the presence of God as He

can only operate in the atmosphere of love and joy

– It eliminates criticism and condemnation

– It makes people involved to look and feel better

– It is a very good way to intimacy

– It eliminates third party

– Builds good marriage

– It makes your marriage to be a model for others

– It is a good example for the children

– It aids sex life

– It leads to peace and prosperity


– It helps people involved to have high self-esteem

– It glorifies God


1. Accept each other totally

2. Pray for each other regularly

3. Do things together

4. Build intimacy

5. Down play the weaknesses of your spouse

6. Never compare your spouse with any other person

7. Never expect your spouse to be like any other person. He/she can’t be, he/she is

his/her self. Celebrate him/her for what he/she is.

8. Praise him or her for his or her good qualities.

9. Pray to God to change what you don’t like

10. Be patient with him or her as the Lord

is working on him/her

11. Always remember that you are not

perfect too, somebody is just tolerating with you.

12. Look for things to appreciate in your spouse.

Marriage And Celebration-  Benefit of Celebrating Your Spouse

Bisi Adewale is a family expert and president of college of marital success, an international conference speaker, author of more than 70 books on marriage and family life, host of family T.V. program called Family Booster Moments . E-mail :