Love,relationship and marriage is the joy of most singles,but LOVE, MARRIAGE AND RELATIONSHIP: Young ones do go into relationship often with their eyes closed,leading to disappointment,hurts and more hurts. Getting to meet a new person does not mean it is a new chance to start a new relationship,you must test before you commit,this you can do by doing the following:
1) Observe. Observe how the fellow treats other people, such as friends, employees, family, parking lot attendants, waiters, his or her mother, and how he or she talk about other people. Does he or she treat other people with consideration? Does he pay attention when others speak? Does she behave with kindness or respond offhand, treating the other person more as a thing than as a human being? Does he talk about other people in positive ways, mentioning their qualities, their value, or does she put down other people, pointing out weaknesses and flaws?
You will be treated exactly like the he or she treats others. Don’t think that the fun you now have together will make any difference. How we treat each other is the product of long standing habits: these can be changed, but only over time and with persistent diligence. Observe with your eyes wide open
2) COMMIT GRADUALLY: Give a little at a time. Don’t give your 100% yet,Don’t give all of yourself (your time, your energy, your love,your emotion,your money,your trust,your focus, your attention, your secrets, your talents, your all) all at once. Give a little of whatever, then stand back and watch what the person does with it. If he or she treat your offering with love,acceptance respect and appreciation, Good,terrific! Give a little more. Then stand back and watch.
3) TEST THAT LOVE: Don’t just see good response and fall head over heel,People do pretend to get ones all before they begin to show their true colors.
So Repeat the process in number 2, giving yourself the benefit of observation over time. It is your life,you must be careful. In the end, if the Person starts taking you for granted,taking without appreciation; failing in his promises or abuses your confidence; or comes up as a user or abuser; you’ll know it way before you’ve given so much, leaving you feeling used and abused.( I will advise you get my book Titled: 32 WAYS TO KNOW TRUE LOVE to know more on this, available on
If on the other hand, you observe that the person is respectful of others, responsible and accountable, and treats others well, bravo! You can continue to develop the relationship to the benefit of all concerned—and indeed embrace your new love,but always be careful.

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