Love Versus Infatuation


Love Versus Infatuation

Love Versus Infatuation

Infatuation is the state of being completely carried away by an attraction to someone. The dictionary calls it “being blindly in love”. What that means is that you are so carried away by this attraction that you do not know what you are doing. If you are blind to the fault of the person, you think he is perfect, other people may see faults but you are blind to them.Love Versus Infatuation
The person involved in a romantic infatuation usually cannot think of anything or anyone else other than the person he or she is in love with. An infatuation is an “emotional high” but it never lasts long because it is not true love. Longman dictionary of contemporary English defines it as unreasonably strong feelings of love that you only have for a short time especially for someone you do not know very well.


You can see that Caro idolized her “Tom” that she is blind to the truth about him.
Infatuations do not last long, what do last is the bitterness it leaves behind. When you are infatuated, you do not use your common sense, your romantic feelings are in control. When things happen like this you can do things you will regret for the rest of your life.
Differences between infatuation and love:

– It is godly

– It grows out of godly friendship (you do not fall into it, you grow into it).

– Love is not blind

– You use your common sense here hence you know wrong from right

– It is patient, it waits till after wedding before sex

– It cannot disorganize you

– It puts God first

– It lasts long and leads to a glorious marriage

-If you are in love, you will be in control



– It emanates from flesh

– It starts fast, they call it “love at first sight”

– Infatuation is blind

– common sense is absent here, hence, anything can happen

– It wants sex now!

– It disorganizes as you do things out of your sense.

– not Idolize the so-called lover, hence he/she is considered first before God or His word.

– It does not last long and it produces bitterness

– If you are infatuated, you lose control of yourself.Love Versus Infatuation

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