Killers of Peace in Marriage Pt 111


Killers of Peace in Marriage Pt 111
Bisi Adewale

I want us to expose things that destroys peace at home, things that turns jolly friends of yesteryears to sworn-enemies of today. Before we do that, let check types of marriage in the world today.

1. Third parties. For marriage to be peaceful, it should involve only two people, as soon as third party is introduced, marriage become something else. Please bear in mind that your parents, siblings, children, friends, etc no matter how close they are, are just third parties. They are part of our family, but are not part of our marriage; they should not be allowed to influence us against our spouses. We must not hand over our marriages to people, no matter how close they are to us.
2. Ineffective communication. Couples should talk deeply, lovingly, openly, joyfully and truthfully; there should be no “dark room”, no secrecy, no lies or untruthfulness.
No abusive words; ambiguity; slander; nagging or any other negative words. Communication is the mother of all human relationships, when it is not done right, that means it is not done at all, every couple should guard their communication jealously. Colossians 4:6
3. Wrong handling of money. Money that suppose to be a thing of joy is an instrument of destruction in many families. Wrong handling of money is one of the major destroyers of marriages today. Couples should be open to each other in the area of money; there should be faithfulness and trust, there should be common goals, financial planning, deep communication, togetherness and financial agreement. Eccl. 10:10
4. Criticism. Criticism is said to be the cancer of marriage. As soon as a married couple starts to abuse and criticize each other, they will end up turning their marriage into a battle field. Avoid criticism like a plague, do not condemn your spouse, it won’t solve your marriage problem. It won’t cause the change you desire; it will only destroy the house.
(Proverbs 18:21)

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