Killers of Peace in Marriage Pt 11


Killers of Peace in Marriage Pt 11
(Song of Solomon 2:15)
Let now address those things that make marriage difficult, they are:
1. Bad Spiritual life. Failure to give God a chance in our lives will affect our marriages adversely. When we depart from God and start to demonstrate “works of the flesh” as exposed in the Bible (Galatians 5:19-21). There is no way the marriage will not deteriorate and become a battlefield marriage. If you must have peace in that marriage; then you must give room to the PRINCE OF PEACE himself to reign supreme in your life and in your home. (Genesis 1:1-5, 14-19).
2. Ignorance (Proverbs 24:3-7, 14:1). Ignorance is a major killer of marriage. Most couples lack basic knowledge of what makes marriage work; they behave so ignorantly that you will wonder whether they ever go to school or see the four wall of university. The truth is, our academic qualifications, Bible College or seminary did not prepare us for a successful marriage. Management schools only teach 4 “Ms” of management not the “BIG M”-MARRIAGE, that is why you see CEOs, Managers, etc in very bad marriages, they know management but not “MARRIAGEMENT”
3. Busyness. Our schedules, businesses and priorities may stand against our marriages. When you are too busy to create time for your family, you are living dangerously. Make your spouse and your family top priority on your “to do” list. Time is the currency of marriage. Spend time with your spouse. SOS 6:11-13.
4. Taking each other for granted. It is very easy to take our spouses for granted. It is very easy to hurt deeply those we love so dearly. We tend to honour strangers and respect visitors but neglecting our spouses, talking carelessly, dressing shabbily, removing courtesy, not appreciative, embarrass openly and remove the veil of reverence. As soon as we start to take each other for granted, we allow hurts and misunderstand, we give room for hatred and offences, leading to bitterness. The result- a battlefield marriage. SOS 5:1-8

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