Jobs That Endangers Family Life Pt 2


Jobs That Endangers Family Life Pt 2
6. Jobs That Takes You Away From God. Any job that takes you away from God Almighty will definitely affect your marriage. Jobs that involves telling lies, stealing, committing crimes for your companies, tax evasion, bribery, corrupt practices, prostitution and sexual gratification for contract opportunities or banker that must sleep with customers to win accounts, etc. You can’t stay in this kind of jobs and think it will not affect your home. A lady was working with an events and tourism organization as usher and protocol officer and one of her duties is to sleep with quests if they so desire it. This they didn’t tell her before her appointment, she had to resign when she discovered this. Another wonderful lady resigned from a lucrative banking job when she was asked to sleep with a “big customer” to get an account.
Don’t stay in a job that can take you away from your God and destroy your intimacy with the Almighty and eventually destroy your marriage and family life. You need God more than anybody, you need God more than that job, you need God now and you will need Him tomorrow. Don’t destroy your life and your family life because of a morsel of bread.

7. Jobs That Cannot Pay Your Bills. If you are working you should at least be able to meet your basic need of life. If your take home cannot ‘take you home’, I think you need another job. Money is needed to take good care of the home. In fact, there can be no ROMANCE without FINANCE. If you want your wife to call your HONEY, give her MONEY, lest she sees you as MONKEY. Don’t rest on your oars, paddle on, improve yourself, and increase your capability to make money. Go back to school if your present certificate makes your employer to pay you peanut. Develop and improve yourself, be a better person. Don’t just say, God will do it, do something, do it now, feed your family and keep your marriage.

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8. Jobs That Separate You from Your Spouse More Than 75 Days a Year. Experts classified any job that separate couples more than 75 days a year as ‘Non-family friendly job’ (NFFJ). While jobs that separate couples more than 100 days year is seen as “Family Enemy Jobs (FEJ). While job that separate couples 150 days a years is known as “Family Cancer Jobs” (FCJ). Your family, your marriage becomes endangers as soon as your family enters a ‘NFFJ’ level; where you spend more than 75 days away from your spouse yearly; anything can happen. It gives room for suspicion, negative thinking, lack of trust, temptation, sexual immoralities, lust, bad marriage and divorce. It is better to stay in a job that pay less but give you room to nurture your marriage and your children than to go for a job that makes you an Electronics Couple (Couples that operate only through electronic means like phones, pager, fax, e-mails, etc). it is dangerous for you and your home, it exposes you to constant travel, keeping of two homes, lonely raising of children, etc. you need to count the cost before you venture into this kind of job.

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9. Jobs That Destroys Intimacy. Experts say, “For a couple to become intimate, they must have high ‘couples time’ or intimate talking time (ITT)”. In fact, it was said that every couple should have at least 200 romantic hours per year; if they must become intimate and build better marriage. The lesser the romantic hours, the higher the level of marriage destruction. In a city like Lagos, many couples are having less than 30 hours a year as romantic hours. That explains reasons marriages is difficult for many especially in cities. Please note that romantic hours or intimate talking time is not the period you spend together watching television or even making love, it is the period you spend together playing or talking intimately. Any job that does not give room for that is not a family-friend job. Some people leaves home by 5am only to get back home around midnight every day of the week. No marriage can grow in that kind of situation. That is why I normally discourage both husband and wife from working in the banking sector at the same time or doing any job that makes both of them to leave home before dawn only to come back just before midnight.

10. Any Jobs You Do Without Wisdom. Every job is demanding and time-consuming. In fact, what your employer is paying for is your skill, expertise and your time. You are the one that need to sit down with your spouse and talk it through. Must both of you engage in white collar job? Must you work overtime? Must you get a ‘better’ job that will take you away from your family? How about taking a casual leave once in a while just to be with your spouse; to talk, connect and reconnect? Must you be the one travelling every time? Must you always be on the road? You need to apply wisdoms that your marriage can be the best.


11. Any Job That Affect Your Sex Life. Experts says every couple should make love at least 45 times a year, any couple who make love less than 20 times a year is said to be in a ‘sexless marriage’. One of the major thing that affect sex in marriage is the kind of job of the couple involved. Any job that makes you to sleep with your spouse less than 45 times a year for any reason is not a family-friendly job. If you don’t do something fast, it will destroy your marriage.
Again, you need to talk to your spouse about this and agree about it. I think you should get our two books: SECRETS OF AN IRRESISTIBLE WIFE and SECRETS OF AN IRRESISTIBLE HUSBAND. We devoted a chapter to balancing career and sex life in the books. Your family life and career will not be the same again.


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