Husbands responsibilities to wives Pt 1


Husbands responsibilities to wives Pt 1

-Bisi Adewale

God original intent for every man is to be the spiritual head of his family. But it will be very difficult if the so called husband has not met with Lord. So, the first responsibility of the man is to be intimate with Gods in order to function in Gods capacity to be the kind of Husband he was designed to be. Listed below are some of the responsibilities of husbands to their wives:

• Be the spiritual head of the family
• Support her with house work
• Rejoice with her. Proverbs 5: 18
• Be her head, not her headache
• Lead her rightly and lovingly
• Be her shepherd. Psalm 23
• Be a good father
• Accept her without condemnation
• Give her your attention
• Have a vision for the family and carry her along in your vision
• Communicate effectively
• Trust her
• Be trust worthy
• Serve God with her
• Settle your misunderstand peacefully
• Forgive her
• Live a righteous life
• Listen to her, let her influence you
• Call her blessed. Proverbs 31:29
• Do not be captivated by other women. Proverbs 5:20
• Tell her how captivated you are about her body. SOS 4:7, 7:1-8

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