Husband What You Must Not Be


Husband What You Must Not Be
– Bisi Adewale

As a man, as the husband the head of your family; there are things you must never do. There are things you must never be, if you do them; you cannot become an irresistible husband. you can be the joy of your wife, you can’t make her happy for marry you, what are the things:

1.A fighter. You can’t be a fighter and be a winner at home; you can’t be a wife beater and be an irresistible husband. It is not done that way; a real husband is a complete gentle man, a lover and care-giver.

2.Liar. Nothing makes a woman to dishonour and disregard a husband like when he is fond to be a liar, it is dishonourable to be a liar at home especially. When it is known to your wife and children, you become a laughing stock in your own backyard.

3.Lilly-Liver. A man, a real man, a great husband should be bold and fearless; he should be courageous and strong. He should be able to stand fall in time of challenges and defend his house, crying like a body unbecoming of a man in the presence of his wife and children. You only know a real man when the battle becomes tough and rough. Every woman desires a man that can defend and protect her and stand as rock of Gibraltar when the battle rages.

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4.Womanizer. An unfaithful man is a man all women detest. A man that run after everything in skirt jumping from one bed to another is not a dream man of any woman; please be faithful to your wife, women are not different all you need is to be content with the one God has given you.

5.Satisfy. No matter how rich a
woman is, she still looks forward to collect money from her husband. A bad husband will not give to his wife, a good husband will give sparingly, a great husband will give generously. Somebody said, “A man cannot be stingy and be kingly at home”. That is the truth; if you are stingy your wife can never be happy with you, you can buy honour for yourself by be a giver at home. Anybody can say you are stingy, that is there opinion, but your wife must not say it, because that is will be your true state and God can never be happy with that kind of man.


6.A Bad example. You must be a good example to your wife and children; you must not lead then astray, be always fond to be doing the right thing. Say the truth, be kind, merciful, reliable and generous. Let your family learn this from you.

7.A Terrorist at home. You must not be hard, difficult, terrible and wicked at home, No! Don’t be a terrorist, don’t be a burden to your wife and a terror to your children. It is unrighteous and ungodly. Be gentle and kind, be approachable and loving.

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