How to Improve Intimacy in your Marriage


How to Improve Intimacy in your Marriage
– Bisi Adewale

Intimacy in marriage is not something you have to stop, it is not a destination, it is journey without an end, and you must continue to improve it, work on it, moving from one level to another.
What to do-
1. Communicate deeply- communication is a vital key to intimacy, talk with your spouse talk, talk and talk. Talk like friends, talk like lovers, talk passionately, talk closely, talk emotionally.
2. Spend time together – involve you spending time together, you won’t talk; hence spend adequate time together as lovers.
3. Forgive each other – Don’t harbor bitterness, don’t keep malice, forgive generously.
4. Play together-Don’t just spend time together, but spend time together playing, play like children, play like friends.
5. Get involve in each other life– Don’t give room for solo life, work as love mate, get involve in each other’s life and business.
6. Pray together– do many things together but give prominence to your prayer time together couples that pray together will grow together.
7. Eliminate that party- Don’t allow anybody to care between both of you, rather eliminate them, be so close that nobody can come between you even your children.
8. Be open to each other- no secret no dark room, no skeleton in your cupboard, be open, be transparent


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