Bisi Oludare
Honeymoon vacation for most people happens only once in a lifetime; therefore, the dream of every newlywed couple is to have a luxurious honeymoon and ignite the spark in their love lives.
Nigeria is a country located in West Africa coast, with democratic Government, pleasant and accommodating people, great whether(one of the best in the world, no winter at all) and good food, Nigeria is the best destination.
Here I will open your eyes to some honey moon location

1. Zenababs Half Moon Resort

Zenababs Half Moon Resort
Zenababs Half Moon Resort

Zenababs Half Moon Resort is an elegantly designed and beautifully decorated holiday resort offering superb and quality hotel and resort accommodation ranging from standard to elegant executive chalet suites and a naturally beautiful and secured environment.

Located in the heart of Ilesha, Osun State, Zenababs Half Moon Resort is situated in a peaceful and beautiful corner of the town, surrounded by natural beauty such as hills and over 25 acres of lush grounds; it is a home away from home!

Zenababs Half Moon Resort offers delicious meals and comfortable rooms that offer guests a classic contemporary design with all the modern communication facilities and amenities required for relaxation.

The resort offers the comfort and flexibility of a home set in tranquil surroundings.
After a beautiful night, you can wake up to the magnificent views of a beautiful surrounding while enjoying breakfast in bed.

2. The Obudu Mountain Resort

The Obudu Mountain Resort
The Obudu Mountain Resort

The Obudu Mountain Resort offers the leisure seeker and the conference goer a complete contrast experience. Not only in its temperate climate but also it’s exciting and different location.

Nestling at the top of the mountain the Obudu Mountain Resort is situated on a plateau at 1576 metres above sea level on the Oshie Ridge of the Sankwala Mountains. The temperate climate offers a total contrast and welcome respite from Africa’s tropical heat. Idyllic tranquillity, beautiful scenery and breathtaking views make it ideal for the lone adventurers, families on reunion, young couple or holiday group.

Obudu Mountain Resort is in Cross River State located close to the border of Cameroon and is reached from Lagos by plane.

Obudu Mountain Resort provides accommodation in the form of African round huts and chalets on stilts maximising the breathtaking views. Obudu Mountain Resort also offers self-contained suites varying in size from the 2-bedroom Governor’s Lodge with its own lounge/dining room and kitchenette to the 20 Mountain Villas, each with three bedrooms, lounge, dining room, kitchenette and balcony.

The food and beverage offering is found in the Terrace Restaurant and Bar with a cosy and relaxing atmosphere made complete by the blazing log fire. National and international cuisine is guaranteed to suit all tastes and the healthy appetites from a day’s nature walk or round of golf.

The Obudu Mountain Resort offers a fully equipped gym, two floodlit tennis courts, a squash court and a natural swimming pool. Keen golfers can show their prowess on the hotel’s 9-hole golf course.

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The tours to view the magnificent scenery and spectacular birdlife are a must for visitors to this part of the world and these tours can be taken on foot or bicycle. For those who forgot to pack binoculars, the Canopy Walkway which is situated in the trees allows visitors thrilling close-ups of the birds in their natural habitat high above the ground.

A major talking point for guests is Africa’s longest cable car system. At 4 kilometres, Obudu Mountain Resort cable car gently transfers guests (and their bags) from the tropical climate at the base of the mountain right to the hotel’s reception area on the mountainside which is often in the clouds and is accompanied by an invigorating drop in temperature.

So, grab your hiking boots, pack your binoculars and come experience this unspoilt part of Africa and sleep easy knowing that all the comfort and top-class service which African Sun is famous for will be provided in your stay. Join us at the Obudu Mountain Resort and enjoy a different but still unforgettable experience.

3. Miccom Golf Hotel and Resorts

Miccom Golf Hotel and Resorts
Miccom Golf Hotel and Resorts

Miccom Golf Hotel and Resorts is among the top hotels in Osun. The hotel is a luxurious one with lots of options of rooms to choose from. Rooms are all designed and furnished differently. The hotel has enough space for parking your cars. There is also constant electricity, so guests never have to worry about power going off at any time. There is restaurant and bar, for your food and drinks. The hotel provides laundry and dry cleaning services for guests that need such services, and makes guests comfortable in every possible way. MicCom Golf Hotels & Resort is Nigeria’s only privately owned golf course with hotel facilities attached to it. The hotel is situated in the rustic town of Ada in Osun State.


4. Le Méridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort

Le Méridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort
Le Méridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort

Le Méridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort, the pride of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, welcomes you with open arms. Situated amidst rich palm forest vegetation, this magnificent hotel on 174 hectares of land connotes peace and serenity complemented by its original atmosphere.
The lush greens of the world-class 18-hole golf course, creates the right atmosphere, for the most challenging, memorable golfing experience. Each time you visit this unique hotel in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, discoveries await you. It is a beautiful place.

5. Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort Limited

Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort Limited
Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort Limited

In the heart of Ikogosi, a small, quiet town with rich, local customs, in the Western part of Ekiti State (Ekiti Tourism Corridor), lies a warm spring which has now catapulted Ikogosi-Ekiti to national and international limelight.

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What is mysterious about the Ikogosi Warm Spring is the fact that, flowing side by side the warm spring, is another spring, a cold one. According to experts, it is a geological wonder to have such occurrence out of the same rock formation and this Ekiti flagship tourist destination is said to be the only one of its kind discovered anywhere in the world. The warm and cold springs of Ikogosi originate from a close proximity, come to a meeting point, and flow onward together with each spring retaining its thermal identity. It represents uniqueness and is the first of such occurrence in the world. The warm spring has a temperature of up to 70oC at the source and 37oC after meeting the cold spring. The meeting point of the warm and cold springs is a unique attraction to tourists.

The springs sprout out and flow with a constant temperature and volume up to 150 litres/seconds from morning till night, at all seasons, all-year round. The whole environment of the spring has been deliberately left untampered with, for eco-tourism appeal while the source of the warm spring has been provided with a viewing structure for easy spotting by tourists. Strangely also, there is a tree and a palm growing from the same source at the meeting point area of the warm and cold springs. A wonderful work of Mother Nature!

Another unique quality of the Ikogosi Warm Spring is its acclaimed curative power. It is widely-believed to have some kind of therapeutic effect which relieves body aches and all sorts of ailments. A lot of tourists visiting the place take advantage of the large warm water swimming pool provided for this purpose and other recreational needs. It is also the home of the 5-star Gossy Brand Spring Water bottled by UAC of Nigeria.

Here are a few legends surrounding the origin and discovery of the Warm Spring and have been passed down generations for centuries. One such myth says that the warm and cold springs were the two wives of a great hunter. One of his wives was said to be temperamental while the other was a quiet woman. One day, the two wives had a fight and after being rebuked by their husband, the temperamental wife changed to the warm spring while the quiet one turned to the cold spring.

Another legend has it that a powerful hunter, while hunting for animals in the forest, first found the warm spring. After the discovery, he went to town with the story and the townspeople on learning about curative powers of the spring, started to worship the spring.
Whatever is the true situation remains to be found out as the story of the Ikogosi Warm Spring is told elsewhere and nothing might be compared to taking a trip to this serenity place to see things for oneself.



6. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort
La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is a 65 acre tranquil paradise located just an hour’s drive from Victoria Island in Lagos State. This 5 star Resort offers a unique blend of natural environments which includes a fresh water lake, accessible mangrove forest, a savannah, extensive sandy beach and the warm Atlantic sea. Some of the activities you can enjoy at this exciting place are canoeing, hiking, hunting, horse riding, beach volleyball, beach football, snorkeling and ocean water fishing. There are also African-themed villas where you can stay while you enjoy your vacation.
You can choose between a dip in the refreshing surf of the Atlantic Ocean on your left or the placid waters of a freshwater lake on your right. Or simply dive into a book while remaining firmly on the golden sands in between.

7. The Whispering Palms Resort

The Whispering Palms Resort
The Whispering Palms Resort

Whispering Palms is a conference resort centre occupying an 8-acre of land in a rural area of Lagos state: Iworo, Badagry Local Government Area. It lies on the Lagoon and typifies the beauty of the area-cool, Atlantic breeze, sillica sands, palm trees and chirping birds. The road within the resort looks fascinating as it lined with palms kernel residue. The entire environment is quiet with stunning ambiance and a contrast to the maddening crowd and noise of Lagos. The Resort offers a choice of cuisines, from Nigeria to Continental with exotic dishes like coconut shrimps, Spanish paella, Cantonese chicken, Ogbono spiced with Ugu and bitter leaf etc.

Honeymoon Package Includes:

1. Accommodation

2. Welcome Coconut drink

3. Complimentary Breakfast

4. Lunch

5. Candle Light dinner at Yankari

6. Badagry Tour

7. Boat cruise and relaxation to Moba Beach

8. Gym & Swimming Pool access

9. Indoor and Outdoor games

10. Bicycle and Pedal Boat rides

11. Cocktail with WP Chairman and Director


8. Eko Beach Resort, Lagos
Lovingly created to offer fine hospitality in a deluxe setting, this get-away-from-it-all beach resort nestles amongst swaying palm trees and soft white sands water just a stone’s throw from the hubbub of the Epe Expressway – yet seemingly a world away. HONEYMOON DESTINATIONS IN NIGERIA (PART 1)
Be prepared to be wowed by the gasp-inducing natural beauty and tranquillity of this idyllic retreat and the syncopated, flirty rhythm of the waves of Atlantic Ocean. Ask for a platter of specially flown in fresh oysters washed down with vintage Champagne for an extra special honeymoon dinner. Refreshing sea breezes rustle the coconut palm leaves and scatter tropical blooms across the sands of Akodo Beach – a sublime place for hand-holding couples to enjoy sunset strolls along the shore in shared meditative bliss.