How to handle Your Teens and his friendship


How to handle Your Teens and his friendship

Pastor Bisi Adewale

When your child was a Toddler or Preschooler, you had 100% influence on the child. However, your influence began to dwindle as soon as the child entered school and teachers and friends begin to have very deep influence on the child. By the time a Child is 15, the influence of friends must have increased so much to more than 60% as the influence of Parents dwindle further.
If there is anybody that will have great influence on your child, that person is his or his friends.

If you want to have a Teenager without trouble; then you need to pay attention to the friends and friendships of your Teen.

PRAY ABOUT IT: One thing you must pray about more than any other thing is about the friends of your children, now and in the future. Ask God to order the steps of your children to great friends and separate him or her from destructive friends.

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It was friends that destroyed the kingdom of Rehoboam. It was a friend that destroyed the life of Amnon, the first Son of David and it was a friend that saved the life of David. Pray for a friend like Jonathan for your child and pray against friends like Jonadab that destroyed Amnon.

GET TO KNOW THEM: Get to know the friends of your child. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Check what they are posting, check their pictures, this way you will know them better and be able to advise your child well.

TRY TO INFLUENCE THEM: Do everything you can to influence the friends of your child positively. I sent books on sexual purity to all my Son’s class mates. PURE GOLD (For girls),

STRONGER THAN DIAMOND (FOR BOYS). You too can order for these books as a gift to your child’s friends and classmates. They are available on, and

: Let your children’s friends be free to visit your children at home. You will be able to know these friends better.

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VISIT THEIR PARENTS: Get to know the parents of your children’s friends.

DISCUSS WITH YOUR CHILD: Discus good friendship with your child regularly

LEAD BY EXAMPLE: Don’t ever hang out with wrong people. Your Children are watching you and they will surely emulate you.

LOAD THEM WITH SCRIPTURES ABOUT FRIENDSHIP: Let your children memorize the following scriptures: Psalm 1:1-3, Proverbs 18:24, Proverbs 13:20, Proverbs 1:10-16


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How to handle Your Teens and his friendship

How to handle Your Teens and his friendship

How to handle Your Teens and his friendship