We have many things that can destroy marriage but all of them emanates from these seven things which I Called “great killers of marriage”, take your time to read this piece and do something about it. These Great killers are:


  1. Undue expectation- Most singles have their expectation before they got married, these expectations most often are selfish or borne out of ignorance, if these expectations, are not met as soon as they got married, they feel very sad and start to misbehave to their partner. For example a young man may think that he will have unhindered sex immediately he get married, he thinks his wife will always be available to satisfy his sexual urge, he put this one behind his mind and start to look forward to the day he will say “I do” and have access to sex seven days a week. He has forgotten that, his wife is not a machine; she may not be available due to sickness, job schedule, traveling, weakness, lack of interest, pregnancy, child delivery and some other things.

After the honey moon, if this man did not have sex as he had expected, then he will start to cause trouble at home, which may lead to a serious problem or even a broken home. A young lady on her own part may be thinking that as soon as she get married, she will be able to get enough money not only to fill her NHD but to meet her GREED, when she get married and discover that she can’t have all she wanted, she may become unloving, stubborn, non submissive, nag and quarrelsome.


Undue expectation is a destroyer of a good home, be realistic with your expectation and make your home a place to live.

  1. Lack of vision “Where there is no vision, the people perish …. (Prov. 29:18). Most people that go into marriage went into it either without any vision or with a wrong vision, many of them have the vision of getting married to “Somebody that will love me”, that will cook for me”, that will pamper me”, that will provide for me”, that will care for me” ete. Everybody look forward to getting married to somebody that will nurse them, they have a vision of marrying a perfect human being, who will fit into the “mould” they have made for them. Some other people did not even hove any vision at all, they want to get married because they are now 29 years old or because all their friends are already married or to escape their difficult parent or to have” easy access” to sex.

You must have a Godly vision for your marriage, a vision of service and commitment, a vision of agreement and good communication, a vision of giving and forgiving. A man should hove a vision of loving, protecting, caring, nourishing and cherish his wife while a wife should have a vision of submission, acceptance and obedience.

  1. Wrong Mentality – One other great killer of marriage is wrong mentality. People are having wrong mentality about marriage, love, sex and in-laws and this is adversely affecting their behaviour in their home, for example, many women wrongly believe that:

– All mothers-in-law are bad

– Men are bad and should not be trusted

. They get married or remain married because of their children

– They own their body and will only give sex to their husband whenever they wish

– Their children come first in their life not their husband

– When you submit to a man, he will “ride” you.

– Sex should not take place during the day so as not to give birth to albino


– Marriage is not a bed of roses

While men wrongly have the following thought.-

– Women are necessary evil and are not trustworthy.

– If a woman offend you, she needs to be beaten.

– If you allow a woman to know that you love her, she will be taking advantage over you.

A good child is for the father, a bad child belong to the mother. Men are polygamous in nature.

– My wife must not know how much I am earning, if she do, she will become extravagant.

– Women are to be treated as property not as personality.

– Kitchen is meant for wives only

– All household chores suppose to be done by wives.

– Women deserve no respect.

– Women are not wise.

– If I don’t enjoy my marriage, I can separate or divorce my wife.

  • All these are wrong mentality they can’t make your home work, run away from them.