Good marriage is not by luck 1


Good marriage is not by luck 1
-Bisi Adewale

Contrary to what many people think,good marriage is not by luck,it does not come by chance or by favor,it is not something you get if you are fortunate to be bless by God with a good spouse and a good marriage. In my counseling work i have met a lot of men and women that claimed that there marriage is not okay because they were not fortunate to have a good partner or that they are not just lucky with marriage,to those people and millions of people that will read this piece i want to say great marriage is not by luck.I will be showing you what it takes to have a great marriage here.

1.solid foundation:marriages like a house should not depend on luck to stand but on a solid foundation,which is base on choosing wisely,choosing somebody you love and somebody that loves you,praying seriously before you choose and open your eyes to know whether you can commit your life into the hands of the person or not,above all allowing God to lead you because people can be deceitful,at best we can see the container only God knows the content.

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2.patient:know matter how good the person you marry is you will need to learn to be patient with him or her,nobody is perfect your partner is not perfect you are not perfect either,learn to be patient as the lord is working on your partner.

3.knowledge:what you don’t know simply seniors you,yes it is,you need to seek knowledge ,opposite sexes are very complex you need to learn to live with the one you also need to seek knowledge about what makes marriage work and what can destroy it and use your knowledge to build a better marriage.

4.prayer:you also need to pray and destroy all anti marriage habits in you and in you mate,you need to ask for the spirit of God to take over and use your emotion for his also need to pray against every anti family spirit,like the spirit of anger,selfishness,poverty,hatred etc.

5. divine help:you also need to ask for the help of the holy spirit,you can not do it alone,you need your senior partner to take over and put your action,reaction,emotion, decision and passion under his total control

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