Bisi Adewale

Mike was traveling on highway when he felt like urinating, so he slowdown and parked.
He gently parked his car along the highway and walked towards the bush to urinate. After he was through , he walked back to his car to continue his journey, on reaching his car he could not found his car key that was when he noticed that he has locked his car key in the car.

He felt so furious and helpless has there is no way to open the car or get the key out.
He tried to stop the ongoing vehicles but none of them stopped to help him. After about two hours of standing without getting any help, he felt so sad, this is because there was no way he could communicate with his people in the city or call for help as his mobile phone is inside the car.

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He was about giving-up, when he raised up his head only to realized that a car was coming, he waved his hands to ask for help with a doubtful mind. Luckily the car stopped and a man who looked like a riff-raff (physically) he walked up to the man seeking for help, and asked him what the problem is, Mike explained what actually happened to him, how he locked his car key in the car. The driver slowly walked straight to his car without saying anything
and reached for his back seat, he opened the car door and reach for his shirt hung in the car, he removed the shirt from the iron hanger and took the hanger and walked back to Mike. He
loosed the iron hanger and restructure it and used it to gently removed the rubber holding the glass to the metal on the driver seat. After removing the rubber, he adjusted the glass down with his hand and reach for the key and hand it over to the man. At this time Mike was so surprised to see such creativity or a sense of professionalism used to get his key. He gently asked his helper if he is an automobile expert.

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The man answered by saying, No. I’ve just been released today from prison “for car theft”.

Mike was so surprised and couldn’t say anything again rather than to thank his helper who was already walking back to his car.

So Mike concluded in his heart by saying it out, “God did not only sent an helper but an EXPERT”

Are you passing through a difficult time now? Or faced with a particular challenge and it seems as if help is not coming? Even people you think they will help turn out to disappoint you.

Don’t give up, just know that those people are not experts designed to help you.
God is preparing an expert that will solve your problem or provide solution to your challenge(s).

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