Getting Ready For Marriage


Getting Ready For Marriage

– Oba  Samuel

Getting Ready For Marriage


Getting into marriage is a dream of every single brother and sister but many don’t know how to. Marriage is not a sudden event; it has to be prepared for. Getting Ready For Marriage


Becoming marriageable entails wisdom and knowledge which you need and it may free you from marital delay. Getting Ready For Marriage


? Spiritually. You need to prepare spiritually by praying. Start praying about your marital life as early as possible. Settle so many things about your future home on your knees. Pray about whom to marry, grace to be attractive and acceptable to the right person. Also pray for your future in-laws, children to be born and understanding between you and your future spouse, the house to live, the issue of finance, among others.


? You Must Be Working. To be marriageable means you are ready to shoulder responsibilities. You can’t shoulder responsibilities without having a source of income. Before you go to the altar, you must be a working class adult. Getting Ready For Marriage


Please, don’t get married on the bases of faith when you are jobless thinking God will provide. Even the Bible says “Faith without work is death”. Let your faith produce a job first before you start planning for wedding; it does necessary mean a big job but there must be a source of income. Get yourself acquitted with the fact that marriage is a place to spend money. There’re lots of expenses which love languages cannot cover except money. Getting Ready For Marriage


? Mind Readiness. The preparation of the mind is the mother of physical preparation. For you to be marriageable, you have to develop your mind towards marriage. Before you can be happily married, your mind must conceive it and eager for it. You must be pluralistic in your thought. As you buy clothes, you must think of the ones you can use in marriage especially if you are a lady. Because I’ve seen a woman who gave birth without having “iro and buba” which she really needs to back her baby; only to be rescued by her neighbor and mother who later gave her some. If in your mind you are not tired of singleness or you are not thinking of getting married someday. That means, you are not marriageable, start thinking like somebody that will soon become a mother or father. Your mind readiness will save you from unnecessary long courtship and it will influence your decisions and steps to take.Getting Ready For Marriage



? Be good Looking. Being careless with what you wear is a sign that you are not ready for marriage yet. You need to pay attention to your dressing. What you wear should be of utmost importance to you. Dress in such a way that you will be attractive to onlookers even if you are within the compound of where you live. Always put on clean, neat and, ironed clothes. Deal with dirtiness, colour riot dressing, indecent dressing and careless dressing. Careless dressing can affect your rating before the prospective Mr./Miss Right. If you find difficult to take proper care of your clothes now as a single, that means; you’re not marriageable.


? Get an Apartment. One of the signs of maturity is for you to have your separate apartment as a male. You can’t tell me that you are of marriageable age if you don’t have your own apartment. No matter how small it is, get yours. Move out of family/friend’s house to your own apartment. This will enable you get some home appliances, and furniture which you really need.

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It may be a single room, room and parlour, self contain or a flat. Start somewhere and you can then move to a bigger and better place.Guys, quit the business of squatting; if you truly you are of marriageable age; or where do you want to house that beautiful damsel of yours after wedding? Get an apartment before you get a wife. Please act wisely! Getting Ready For Marriage

OBA SAMUEL is a family and relationship coach.A seasoned speaker in singles and couples conferences.Happily married to his queen-Oluwakemi;a babe of rare qualities and they are blessed with Tripple G children.Connect me on Twitter @PastorOba .E-mail: