Fulfillment in marriage Pt 2


Fulfillment in marriage Pt 2
Bisi Adewale

Until you are fulfilled martially you are not yet a success, and this can’t come without taking up the responsibilities to be successful. Here lies covenant requirements to marital fulfillment

1. Caring. To care means to attend to the needs of your spouses. It means to do something to your spouse to show that he/she matters to you, to go all your way to serve him/her, to keep your spouse, to relieve him or her of his/her burden. When was the last time you did something kind for your mate, just to please, not as a duty but just to show care, just to show that you value him or her; this should be your daily habit in your marriage. To show love to your spouse? Just care for him or her, find his/her needs and meet them. Look for problems; solve it, look for a weakness and strengthens it.

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2. Connecting. Don’t just talk, don’t just attend to each other but connect. Yes! Go ahead to connect with each other, let there be bonding and intimacy. Connecting needs communication; spending longer time together, building friendship, been vulnerable to each other, letting go all secrets, lighting all dark rooms; making the two hearts to beat together as one. Not just about joining the hands but also joining the minds. That is what love is all about. If you truly love your spouse, then connect to him or her.

3. Befriending. Do together everything you think is good for each other. Never remove friendship from your marriage. If you don’t allow friendship to die nothing will happen to your feeling of love and the love itself.

4. Talking. Verbal communication is one thing that makes us different from every other animal which is what makes relationship possible. Without good communication confusion is imminent and frustration is certain. One good way to show your love to your spouse is to take pleasure in talking with him or her. Don’t just talk at “gate level”, talk at “sanctuary level”.
Talk intimately; talk heart to heart, with love and understanding. Talk about each other, your plans, your jobs, your fear, your joy, your children, crack jokes, use common codes.

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Talk everywhere you are; talk every time, anyhow, and whenever you are together. Call each other on phone when apart, and always keep in touch with each other. Lovers do talk; please create time to talk always.

5. .Forgiving. Hurting and offending each other is something that is inevitable in human relationship .That is why couples should learn to forgive each other. Forgiveness is a very good sign of love. Malice, bitterness, resentment, hatred and strife should never be mentioned in your marriage.