Family lifeline With Pastor Bisi Adewale (Episode 51) CELEBRATE YOUR HUSBAND -Part 1



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An elderly woman once shared with me a very sad story of how she lost her husband early in life. She was born to a rich family but married a man from a humble background whom she arrogantly disdained.


She said anytime they had any misunderstanding she would pack her bags and go to her father’s house and her husband would come begging. This happened severally until one day the man refused to beg her and she was also too proud to return.


Nine months later, the husband married another wife. She was shocked, couldn’t believe it. To make the matter worse, her father died three months after and the Mum two years later.


The husband later became rich and prominent, someone to reckon with in the society. Her two children grew up rejecting her and she became lonely and depressed.

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Dear Wife,

Learn to celebrate Your husband. I have met many wives who only have hatred for their husbands and disdain their Men. Please don’t lose your husband like this woman before you appreciate him.  He may not own a car. He may not earn a lot of money. He may not be able to shower you with gifts all the time yet. He may not

have a great job yet.


But if he’s a man of vision, honest, hard-working and you are the ONLY ONE in his heart, you can be certain of a better and brighter future together.


See the best in your husband, look beyond the present and embrace his future.

He puts smile on your face, talks to you every day. He listens to you and tolerates you. You own him and he is there when you need him.


He is also the Father of your beautiful Children. For once, celebrate the man you married, If you do this, you will see the best of him.

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Please stop being difficult and ungrateful, stop feeling that your husband is the worst husband in the world, no he is the best, you married the best man, celebrate him!