Family & Finance – How to Close the Back Door of Your Family Finance 1



Family & Finance – How to Close the Back Door of Your Family Finance 1
– Bisi Adewale

I am a trained Family Consultant and a qualified Accountant, I will be combining these two backgrounds to help you overcome financial crunch in your family.
If you must make it in life, if you must get to the top, then you must not just learn how to make money, you must learn how to spend it wisely. Your family will take a large chunk of your money except if you are not a responsible man. In fact, statistics show that 70% of a man’s money is been spent directly or indirectly at home, if you can take good grip of your money at home, then you are getting closer to becoming rich, if you fail at home; you are a failure indeed.

If you make money in ‘drops’ in the office and you are spending in ‘flood’ at home you will be doing yourself, your future and your family a lot havoc.
From next article, I will be teaching you and your family “How to Disobey Parkinson Law, How to Turn That Little At Home To Much and Too Much”,
Bankers are wise, they all have strong rooms, they tie down their money, there are a lot of controls if you must collect money from them, it takes two or three minutes for them to collect money from you, but takes a longer time if you want to get your money; why?
CONTROL – Most of us are not like bankers we have no control over our money, we have no ‘strong room’ for our money, it is like we can’t stop spending until we got broke, we keep on spending until we spend blood with it. We have forgotten that the money our employer gave to us is a ‘TRINITY MONEY’ your employer paid for three phases of your life;

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a.Your Past- He is paying for all the year you spent in the school that is why you are being paid better than those that didn’t go to school.

b.Your Present- He is paying you to keep your soul and body together; to cloth and house yourself, so as to be able to appear in the office on Monday.

c.Your Future- He is paying you for your future, because by the time he will release you in retirement he must have used the better part of your life. Do you say what about gratuity? Yes, that is just a parting gift, it can’t take you anywhere.

That is why you must don’t everything now to make sure you don’t spend future with the present, how? CLOSE THE BACK DOOR OF YOUR FAMILY FINANCES, how to do that?
See you in the next ten article as I start to keep your eyes to these long kept secret, you can’t get it elsewhere,
I promise to tell you the truth
I promise not to hold anything back
I promise to affect your feelings
Yes! I promise to hurt you.
I promise to help you prepare your future
I promise to be here in the next edition just for you.

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Pastor Bisi Adewale is a family and relationship expert; author of Secret of Irresistible Wife and more than 70 other books on marriage and family life. You can reach him on, 08068312004, Whatsaap 08051512823, BB: 2AF5C883, Blog:, @bisiadewale

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