Enemies of Intimacy


Enemies of Intimacy
– Bisi Adewale

Intimacy is the key to maximum fulfillment in marriage, without intimacy their cannot be romance in that marriage. For your marriage to satisfy God, we need to fight against hindrances to intimacy. Time is the major factor that enhances intimacy. Here lies the enemies of  creating time to maximize intimacy in marriage:

1. The type of jobs. Jobs that keep us occupied all through the day, part of the night, and the weekends are time consuming jobs that can affect the relationship between couples.

2. Television. The only time couples are together at home are mostly spent in the front of the television.  In most homes, television has become “another wife” for most men, taking them away from their wives. This cannot foster family intimacy.

3. Children. If children, especially little ones and babies are not carefully handled, they will be a stumbling block to couples, preventing them from spending time together.


4. Traffic. In most cities of the world, people spend hours on the road after the close of work before getting get home.

5. Distance. Out of sight is out of mind. Once couples live far away from each other due to their jobs will experience breakdown of communication, lack of trust, fear, infidelity, etc.

6. Negative friendship. It is said that evil communication corrupts good manners. Friends who prevent you from spending quality time with your spouse should be avoided.

7. Computer. Laptops, palmtops, and even desktops are becoming nuisance at home with many people spending hours on the internet daily, giving no time for them to connect with their spouses.

8. Lifestyle. Many couples spend most of their time on meaningless activities like clubbing, partying drunkenness, pornography, etc these activities take the better part of their time thereby affecting their family life