Successful marriage Enemies


Successful marriage Enemies

Successful marriage Enemies

God designed marriage to last and to be fulfilled but until individual involves in the marriage union play his own part God intention as regard the marriage cant be accomplished. Therefore before any marriage can succeed this loopholes listed below must be avoided.Successful marriage Enemies

The following are the reasons is why marriage does not last as intend by God.

1. Tradition. Most people believe the right way to carry on in marriage is the old way of their fathers; therefore they continue in it and even boast about it.

2. Ignorance. Foolishness is another reason many hate companionship

3. Wrong association. Bad influence of friends can also cause it.

4. Bad character. Some people exhibit anti-marital habits like selfishness, pride and anger.

5. Unfaithfulness. This can also divide couples.

6. Bad crisis management. Crisis that is not well managed can destroy companionship at home.

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7. Absence of leaving and cleaving (Genesis 2:24). Failure of one or both partners to leave their parents and cleave to each other can also lead to ‘solo’ syndrome.

8. Distant marriage. Marriage across the sea whereby the wife is in Nigeria while the husband is in USA (or any other country) will definitely destroy unity at home.

9. Lack of sensitivity to one’s partner’s needs.

10. Job. Job that keeps one or both partner away from home for greater part of the day, weekends, and public holidays will not enhance intimacy.

11. Mentality. Wrong conception about love, sex and marriage can affect companionship.

13. Lack of commitment. If any of the partners is not committed to the marriage, it will break the bond of unity and tear the marriage apart.

14. Drunkenness and night crawling. People that parade night clubs and expose themselves to alcohol always neglect their marriage partners.

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15. Lack of contentment. If you are not satisfied with your partner, it will be difficult to build companionship in marriage,

16. Unforgiveness. There is no way to build a virile marriage other than through forgiveness.

17. Collapsed bedroom. Sexual demand, lack of sexual satisfaction and wrong use of sex is a major way to destroy companionship in marriage.Successful marriage Enemies

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